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[15/9/2014] Cm11.0 / Kitkat 4.4.4 [3.X kernel]

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jianC, Sep 25, 2014.

  1. jianC

    jianC Member
    Thread Starter

    I believe this release warrants a new thread as there are tons of changes from my previous buggy builds and uses a completely different kernel.

    If this is your main phone, please back up before continuing!

    Camcorder (records, but format is screwed up)
    Video playback.
    Probably GPS (need to switch to prebuilt drivers)
    Memory leak somewhere causing massive slowdown/blank screen randomly (possibly panel) (Solution possibly found; missing IRQ entry in kernel?)

    Gapps: [GAPPS][4.4.x] OFFICIAL Up-to-Date PA-GOOGLE
    ROM: cm-11-20150114-UNOFFICIAL-lexikon.zip

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  2. zedge126

    zedge126 Newbie

    WOW, amazing release, but will wait to make this repair the camcorder and video playback.

    I will keep waiting for the ICS kernel for non sense roms :D
  3. Oluseun

    Oluseun Newbie

    @jianC please look at the vpn issue configure it with tun.ko. Please there are some applications that I can't use on this cm11.the one you build last year. Also solve the normal phone browser not showing (just showing black) problem. Vpn is not communicating on this rom at all (cm11 2013). You test the vpn with opera max and featvpn if it communicate
  4. jianC

    jianC Member
    Thread Starter

    Rom has been updated. Camcorder still does not work. Lightsensor is fixed.
  5. Oluseun

    Oluseun Newbie

    @jianC is the ROM now stable?I hope of is not lagging again?Why didn't you correct the statement above?Or is their problems still there?
  6. Oluseun

    Oluseun Newbie

    Do you correct the vpn issue?
  7. jianC

    jianC Member
    Thread Starter

    Memory leak has not appeared yet. However, it is still not as fast as cm9. The VPN issue, I have not tested yet. I can confirm that is is more stable than all the previous builds.
  8. Oluseun

    Oluseun Newbie

    What about the clockword recovery I'll use to install the ROM?
  9. Oluseun

    Oluseun Newbie

    @jianC u really try. Why are some games force closing? I'll look into it. The rom is a little bit stable. Good work.
  10. Oluseun

    Oluseun Newbie

    I've downloaded the rom but sound is not coming out except I use earphones. I'm still yet to test the vpn issues.
  11. jianC

    jianC Member
    Thread Starter

    Arghh, so many issues :S. Thanks for being my guinea pig lol.. I am currently in the process of rebasing the merge board files off vivo (instead of basing off evervolv's layout), so more issuse should be fixed in next release. I have tested VPN with a 3rd party app (Cisco Anyconnect) and it does not work. I don't know about system vpn settings though.
  12. Oluseun

    Oluseun Newbie

    Don't mind the sound it's working. I complain because I don't know that the sound doesn't work when I use another battery apart from it's battery. Please test the VPN with opera max.
  13. Oluseun

    Oluseun Newbie

    I just finished testing the VPN now with opera max it didn't work. Please fix it in the next update. Test the VPN with featvpn and opera max.
    jianC likes this.
  14. Oluseun

    Oluseun Newbie

    I also test the vpn with speedvpn it's didn't work. The software complain that "your android system lack vpn driver try to download tun.ko installer if your android is rooted". Please configure the next update with tun.ko so that third party vpn can work.
  15. Oluseun

    Oluseun Newbie

    Please in the next update make the ram light. This current ram do get fill up quickly. Maybe there is little memory loss I don't know. I can't open three application the phone will just freeze. It will not respond at all until after about five minutes at times or if you remove the battery.
  16. Oluseun

    Oluseun Newbie

    I've tested the vpn this Afternoon both the system and third party application didn't work. Please fix it in the next update. Fix it with tun.ko
  17. jianC

    jianC Member
    Thread Starter

    tun is already built into kernel, and 4.4+ kernel configurations are moving away from building drivers as modules so there is no explicit "tun.ko" in /system/lib/modules or when you do cat /proc/modules. I will see what's happening with the VPN/ram/freezing issue, but it is more than likely because of me forgetting some power management stuff in kernel (with regards to freezing). Should be fixed in the next update, but there is nothing set in stone yet.

    Edit: VPN issue may actually just a permissions issue with tun procfs.. should be resolved in next update :)
    #17 jianC, Jan 22, 2015
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2015
  18. headphones1

    headphones1 Newbie

    Thanks for the development, I may flash this over the decent MIUI when I have the time.
  19. i just got this phone, is this better than zedge miui v4?
    miui v4 links are down...
  20. im just wondrin if you still have the miui v4 rom, link is down

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