1Locker Secret Photo Album: It's not only a photo vault app, but aslo a most secure private browser


Nov 8, 2020
Hi! I am the developer of 1Locker Secret Photo Album, and I'm glad to share what's new in the latest version of my app.

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After a few months of continuous work, we made some improvements to make 1Locker a better photo vault app. At the same time, we also made 1Locker a super-secure private browser.

If you want to save private photos, choose 1Locker.
If you want to browse private webpages, choose 1Locker.


And the coolest thing is, we combine the two features. With 1Locker, there's no need to bother saving the pictures to your camera roll first. Long press any media you want to save, the image will be downloaded into your 1Locker app immediately.

Just enter some keywords or the URL of your favorite websites, you can be yourself as free as you can and do not worry about the histories, since you can delete all your histories with a simple click.