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Aug 22, 2011
I already have one rooted kindle. My mom bought one and wants it looking just like mine. Had to reformat my laptop so i didnt have sdk or nothin set up yet. downloaded it but i cant for the life of me figure out where the hell it is. ive changed the path but its not showing up at all. even where it shows the path on the actual program. im so confused right now and its irritating because i just did this 6 months ago. what am i missing?
If you're on the most recent software, you don't need the sdk to root. All you need is the Kindle Fire Utility from XDA (KFU). From there, I would recommend making sure you have the most updated driver possible, so when you plug in your kindle, it should say "android phone--> adb composite interface"....from there you need to download the FFF 1.4a bootloader (also on xda) and transfer it over to your Kindle's SD card. Then you want to install TWRP, boot into recovery, then flash the FFF bootloader. There is no point in running burrito root or any of the other roots unless you really want a rooted stock rom. And I can't imagine why you would just install a custom rom if you're going through all this trouble. Installing TWRP and the FFF bootloader will enable you to flash custom roms to your heart's content. Hit me up if you need further instructions. Read, read and read some more is the best advice I can give you.
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i thought you had to have sdk so you could have adb enabled? unless im getting it mixed up from somethin else? its been so long since ive messed with any of that since i already have my kindle rooted. guess i shouldve read a bit more rather than trying to rely on memory lol.
zip with SDK & ADB just extract them to your c: drive like so
C:SDK\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools This is the path to my adb
Link: SDK-ADB-& then run the sdk manager & download all the required platforms & tools, just extract ADB into your platform-tools folder
Hope this helps you out.:D
i finally got it figured out at 4 this morning lol. part of the problem was i couldnt get sdk to get on the right path. ended up switching to a new account on my laptop and redownloaded it and it somehow fixed itself. only thing i dont like is when the kindle boots up it goes to the recovery menu instead of normal boot. not sure how to change it to make it boot normal everytime instead of pressing the button and switching. its my moms kindle so im trying to make it as easy as possible for her lol.
If a 10 second delay is all I gotta wait to have CWM installed is all good with me. Just leave it alone & it will boot all bye itself you don't have to push the power button to get it to boot normal.
i have twrp on it. i think its the newest one out because the triangle dont pop up like it does on mine. if you turn the kindle on and just leave it, it goes to the recovery screen automatically.