Jul 17, 2013
Hello androidfourms. i am new to here and to android, being an iOS user most of my life. I am getting a kindle fire 1. i have a few questions.

1. if i am rooted, is there a "store" like Cydia on iphone or what to install rooted apps and tweaks?
2. If i am rooted, and amazon releases an update, do i have to update. like is it pushed?
3. IF i am rooted, do roms just change the looks or also function?
4. i am not quite sure how to root, maybe KFU? and all i want is go laucher just to have an "android tablet" and the google play and android store. but i also want the kindle laucher too

Sorry for my noobey-ness, but i am used to ios so idk
Welcome to the forums!! :D

1. Rooted users still have access to Google's Play Store. Rooted apps are available there as well.
2. Rooted users are always advised to avoid OTA (over the air) Updates. The root exploit is sometimes patched after an update which blocks root until a new vulnerability is found. A rooted version is usually available within a day or two of an OTA, and all you need to do is flash it. :)
3. Having root, doesn't actually change the OS or the UI. It just gives you access to all the partitions on the device. Some folks like to compare it to Admin access to a PC. Once you flash a custom ROM, this is when you'll see changes. :)
4. As far as I know you'll be able to install a pure android rom on the Kindle, or keep the original OS, I don't think you'll be able to install Go Launcher on the Kindle OS. I'm not 100% sure about that tho.

As far as root, there is a solution for your device, I believe. I haven't rooted a Kindle Fire yet. Soon my wife will leave it lying around for too long and I'll root it. :D

Root guide can be found here:
[Exclusive] How To Easily Root The Amazon Kindle, Regardless Of Its Software Version

Good luck, and if you have any issues, don't hesitate to ask. :)
what does flash mean? and also if i have my kindle rooted and i update will it brick or just go to the new update? i have seen people with go laucher ex by using KFU, i think i will do that because i dont really know how to install roms yet, i have watched tutorials but they are not help ful
Flashing is the method of installing the ROM onto the kindle to replace the ROM your kindle is currently using.

You don't have to be rooted to install Go Launcher EX.
You can get it from the 1mobile market place if you install their app onto your device, and you don't need root to install that, just allow install of apps from 3rd parties.(Free Android apps & games download | 1mobile.com)

An update to your OS from Amazon would likely remove your root privileges