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1st post....5 days into owning the Nexus

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jbird720, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. jbird720

    jbird720 Member
    Thread Starter

    Despite this being my 1st post, Ive spent countless hours reading all the threads back and forth from Nexus and Rezound sections. Taking it all in, and battling the Nexus bugs.
    The Nexus isnt perfect. Close, but it has SO much potential! And from what I keep reading online, BigRed is going to keep up with the same BS as normal.(IE how they handled bionic, TB issues ets)
    Im pretty sure the majority of us have the next few weeks before we gotta return these if it turns into a complete dud.

    I live in a strong 4G area. I could have full bars and no connectivity. Or ill have 3G and no connectivity. And zero bars with equal results.
    Ill be running outside, listening to Pandora, and between songs it has to "buffer" And per Verizon theres no issues....
    Only other thing sucks, its not necessarily the camera, but the software that goes with it. Have you tried the Red Eye touch up? its sucks! You cant even zoom in to edit the eyes. Granted most will say, "Get a real camera." Honestly dont have enough room in my pockets...

    It truley saddens me the thought of having to return this phone by Jan 14 deadline. The user interface of ICS is sooo smooth. the feel of the phone is incredible! Mines wrapped with the Otterbox. Im brutal on phones. Fingers crossed Verizon pulls their head outta of the A$$, fixes these problems. Cause once you go Nexus ICS, its hard to go back.

    On a side note, were is GOOGLE!? This is there phone and willing to let Verizon Thunderbolt it????

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  2. jeff0r3

    jeff0r3 Member

    I couldnt agree with this thread anymore... I feel the same.. Im actually going to Verizon tonight to either return it and get a rezound, or Im just going back to my droid x... Might wait til after christmas... that way i can keep tinkering.. I did read the rezound will be one of the first htc phones to get ICS...
  3. BigRedNole

    BigRedNole Well-Known Member

    Everyone is in the same boat. The good news is that the phone can be returned up to something like January 14th. I will read the receipt to be sure of the exact date. Unless VZW gets a real fix out by that date, I think my Nexus will be going back.
  4. jbird720

    jbird720 Member
    Thread Starter

    I called verizon confirming the return extension this a.m. so were good till jan 14.
    I still cant believe google is going to let verizon pi$$ all over this phone by uding a visual fix
  5. nateap87

    nateap87 Android Enthusiast

    Google and Samsung are still the ones making the fix.
  6. JLW24

    JLW24 Member

    Where do you get the January 14th date? I called Verizon tonight and they told me you only have the 14 day worry-free guarantee period and replacing or returning results in a $35 restocking fee.

    I have the same feelings on the phone as the OP. I'm tempted to just reactivate my Droid2, which I hate, but to then wait for something else. I think I have learned my lesson not to jump and buy a phone the day it comes out anymore. These things obviously need to settle in and get updated before most users can use it reasonably.
  7. finn5975

    finn5975 Well-Known Member

    I have had the Rezound since the black friday special on Amazon, and I am now on my third Galaxy Nexus since the 15th. I have wanted nothing but to love this G Nexus. I followed its every move, or non move, from rumor to release date salivating for its greatness.

    I've learned to deal with its subpar camera. I've learned to accept its low speaker volume, inspite of app-workarounds. I can deal with its blocking/blotching of blacks. What I cannot deal with any longer is the data connection. 3 phones...same results. I can watch youtube videos, embedded videos, etc on the Rezound with zero issues. On the G Nexus, its constantly having to buffer. Always. Sometimes I lose 3G all together for several minutes at a time.

    During the outage this morning, my Rezound kept 3G the entire time. My Galaxy Nexus had zero data, zilch, from 7am until around 11:30. I am just devastated cause I really wanted to keep this phone. It is beautiful to look at, wonderful to hold, has the best keyboard ever, and an amazing screen. But, the key to a great phone is that it works. +1 to the Rezound I guess.
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  8. liveZstrong

    liveZstrong Lurker

    I'm going to have to agree. My OG Droid had better reception in my area. Come out with a fix already!
  9. JustinHEMI

    JustinHEMI Android Enthusiast

    I'm out too. Sorry GNex, I tried, but since VZW is playing the head in sand game, you're going back.
  10. TheStapher7

    TheStapher7 Newbie

    I really really didn't want it to come to this after I had held off on my upgrade for a month just to wait for this phone to drop but in almost every respect sadly my OG Droid is just s good, and that is verrrry sad to say. I'm hardly able to tell the difference between 3G and 4G without doing a speedtest. The battery life on this is ATROCIOUS too, and I have the extended battery!!!. I cannot go 8 hours without it dying. I've done all things possible to conserve battery and half the time it sits in a DRAWER while I'm at work. I bought the case.. the extra battery.. I just feel so let down. Plus now when I make phone calls it's starting to get a bit warm at the top like others are reporting. Now just a brief question for those who may know, if/when I decide to return it, I ordered the phone offline but I'm sure that wont be an issue to return it in store.. if I end up picking up a phone that is cheaper (btw any recomendations? rezound vs. razr vs. bionic post update), do they just credit the remaining balance to my account? Thanks! I'm sorry to hear we've all been a bit let down :/
  11. asmallchild

    asmallchild Member

    I have been thrilled with my device

    Absolutely no signal issues (although I did lose my 3G connection along with my 4G connection this AM)

    Otherwise no issues with signal strength

    The battery isn't great but I can make it go all day by killing 4G and the screen brightness while keeping everything else

    Thrilled with the device

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