Nov 15, 2009
And boy, that bytes!

This is #2 on the Android bug tracker, and it needs to be fixed for those of us that need Hands-Free phone control during driving. Everyone interested can 'star' it to keep it on the top of the list. No comments to the bug are necessary. Clicking the star on the left adds to the number of complaints.

Official Android Bug Tracker
Hands free works just fine in my car..

It depends on the car. If your Voice Commands are sent to the car and not the Droid, your probably fine. It works that way in my Acura TL. I get most (though, not all) of the old functionality I had with my WM6 mobile phone. One thing I've noticed that's missing in the Acura is "flashing" to get to a call-waiting caller doesn't work.

However, if your Voice Commands are routed through your HF device (like my Jawbone, for example) to your Droid, your skrood. The Droid still isn't picking up any of the Voice Commands sent via my Jawbone. My WM6 device did this pretty well, and a lot of other folks are looking for this functionality so that they can use their Droids while driving.