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Root [2.0.1 ROM] w/ Summerfish Theme - Smoked Glass 4.5 Edit

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by summerfish, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. summerfish

    summerfish Well-Known Member
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    Dec 8, 2009

    I'm currently working on getting it up. But I need to have some feedback from people to actually get this going up. Well I've it finished, at least I believe so. Link is at the bottom, along with a MetaMorph for those who like that better.

    I have created my own nandroid backup for everyone to use. Sure I could call it a ROM, but I don’t know if I should, but will anyway. This is basically for those people that do want their phone to work great, but also have a new look without forfeiting the full OEM look. I’m not going to list everything on it because the base of it is Smoked Glass 4.5, but I will list some tweaks that I’ve done to it though and some extra things I feel important.

    Nexus Droid Bootimage
    OEM colors (NO MORE BLUE)
    Green app-drawer and notification “arrow”
    Pandora, Genie Widget, Settings Widget, all updated to newest Smoked Glass background and newest versions
    Camera app background matches Smoked Glass Theme
    Mototorch is included (Xeudoux’s remake)

    Visual Voice Mail
    Amazon MP3
    2.0 Alarm Clock

    Recommended Apps:
    Pure Music Widget
    Pure Grid Calendar Widget
    Android Agenda Widget
    Beautiful Widgets

    For installation instructions and further reading, please go to Adamz’s page for it.
    [OLD ROM] Smoked Glass v4.5 - Custom Boot.img *dead thread*

    Pulled from Adamz, but re-edited as needed:

    Here is what it includes...

    - Android 2.0.1 (completely deodexed - courtesy of Speeddymon & crotalusfreak)
    - Overclocked (600, 800, 900, 950, or 1000 MHz Max/250Mhz Min) (thanks totasmanian_droid)
    * Default settings available for Overclock are 250, 500, 800, 950, and 1000 MHz.
    - Busybox installed and binary updated
    - CP Symlinked
    - 2.0.1 Launcher w/ 5 Screens (thanks to xeudoxus)
    - 2.1 Music Player (thanks to jinx10000)
    - 2.1 DeskClock (thanks to jinx10000)
    - 2.1 News/Weather Widget (Genie Widget) (thanks to jinx10000)
    * Milestone Multi-Touch Browser with Pinch/Zoom [RC4 with v8 Webcore.so] (thanks to t3hSteve)
    * 2.1 Multi-Touch Gallery with Pinch/Zoom (thanks to ReverendYo)
    * 2.1 Multi-Touch Maps with Pinch/Zoom (standard now)
    - 2.1 Keyboard with Voice Search (thanks to Berzerker)
    - Removed: Amazon MP3 & Visual VoiceMail
    * Camcorder modified to record at 8 mb/s bitrate at High Quality record setting. Low Quality stays the same. (Stock HQ is 3 mb/s)
    * YouTube HQ Hack [High Quality videos by default] (thanks to xUltimate Script by xeudoxus)
    * Minimum Brightness Hack (thanks to xUltimate Script by xeudoxus)

    ALWAYS perform an Advanced Nandroid Backup BEFORE Installation of this or any other ROM. Backup ALL parts of your phone.

    If you are careful and take your time, installation should be quick, easy, and painless. And remember, if you don't feel comfortable - do some research on the forums. Every question or query you have, I'm sure we've all had - so don't be afraid of reading and researching before you jump. Have Fun!

    DISCLAIMER… I'm sure you've all heard it before... Download and install at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damage you cause to your phone.





    MetaMorph 1.1 Remix:


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