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2.01 update problems vs no problems

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by oceanlight, Dec 10, 2009.


have you had problems with the 2.01 update?

Poll closed Dec 17, 2009.
  1. got the update, no problems with it

    61 vote(s)
  2. got the update, have problems with it

    12 vote(s)
  3. got the update, can't tell if problems are old or new

    6 vote(s)
  4. didn't get the update yet

    4 vote(s)
  1. oceanlight

    oceanlight Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    just wondering what proportion of people who got the 2.0.1 update are having problems with it.

    i mean bugs and technical issues, not whether you like the changes.

    edit: oops, typo on the title. i meant 2.0.1. mods, feel free to change it if you get a chance. although i'm sure everyone knows what i mean. thanks.


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  2. Jef

    Jef Newbie

  3. gregroberti

    gregroberti Newbie

    Its all good guys. Even rooted it ; )
  4. bdal1

    bdal1 Well-Known Member

    Was more choppy with 2.0
    The browser lag everyone is talking about only happens for me when you first scrool the page. After that it is very fluid
  5. bw800402

    bw800402 Lurker

    I just updated this morning and I am having several problems with the update. The physical keyboard no longer backlights, the home, menu, back, and search buttons also fail to light. The touchscreen keyboard lags so much typing this has become quite difficult.

    Any ideas on how to fix this or redo the update?
  6. I have the issue with the light on the keyboard and home/search buttons. Really aggravating. Home screen and other stuff seems smoother and it hasn't crashed... yet.
  7. Marley_DROID

    Marley_DROID Lurker

    With the update the screen timeout option for "never timeout" was removed. This sucks because I bought a dock for work and use pandora. Only option now is 30 minute timeout
  8. andrewdoane

    andrewdoane Member

    I hit the reset button and walked away from the phone. When I came back it was shut down. I didn't realize that was going to happen. It took an eternity to start back up. I assume this was a bug but I don't know for sure - maybe everyone has had this. Either way, now it's working fine. I think there is no browser lag problem but it's possible (1) I haven't visited the laggy sites yet or (2) I just haven't noticed.
  9. bdal1

    bdal1 Well-Known Member

    The keyboard lag was a problem with 2.0 as well for some people. It seems to be isolated to certain websites. Example: It works fine on google but this forum is practically impossible to type on. That concerns me that the typing thing may never get fixed. They'll blame it on the websites. (Btw~I can type just fine with the iphone on this forum)
    The backlighting issue is new and will be fixed on another update, I'm sure.
  10. Tyboge

    Tyboge Lurker

    Home screen seems to have changed - unlock pattern and display of text. Backlight on physcial keyboard is out too

    Other than that it seems much faster and more responsive.
  11. bw800402

    bw800402 Lurker

    As if by the power of complaint the backlighting is back. I did not reset or do anything. I checked the weather then let the phone sit until it turned the screen off. When I woke it up and unlocked it backlights were a go. But it looks like the home, search, etc keys are now permanently lit which.doesn't seem very battery friendly. The keyboard still lags.
  12. Appears to be somewhat intermittent. don't be surprised if it goes out again :/
  13. oceanlight

    oceanlight Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    i went ahead and did the update. so far no issues.
  14. My phone seems to be working well, not experiencing any lags and most things seem faster, but I guess we'll see. I finally removed the Google search bar off top of screen because of the update, the new 1/4 inch gap between top of screen and bar was driving me nuts.
  15. jltung

    jltung Newbie

    Very pleasantly surprised to find I got my update this AM. :)

    1. Screens move more smoothly.

    2. Apps more sensitive and function faster.

    3. Internet access a little faster.

    4. Sounds clearer and sharper.

    5. Screen brighter - had to tone it down.

    6. I have not tested battery life yet.

    7. Minor problem :( with the "Market" which kept freezing up. Cured after

    shutting the phone down briefly.
  16. mully

    mully Member

    After update this morning my keyboard light is out. Web pages are very choppy. My battery is draining FASTER now.
  17. msigman

    msigman Lurker

    Good Morning, I turned my phone one this am, accepted the 2.01 update, the phone restarted, downloaded the update and now is "stuck" with the motorola logo. I've pulled the battery, held the power button, put the battery in while holding the power button. I have no land line, so I cannot call verizon for support. Just found this forum.

    Any ideas?
  18. thaJack

    thaJack Member

    I normally have a 60 second timeout on my Droid. However, when in the multimedia dock, it will stay on as long as I leave it in there. I think it is always on in that situation.

    You can also go into the dev options and configure it to stay on whenever plugged into external power.
  19. Redflea

    Redflea Android Expert

    Look into KeepScreen - allows you to set when the screen doesn't time out. Might help...
  20. msigman

    msigman Lurker

    I did try plugging it in, but I still just have that damn motorola logo.
  21. swr2000

    swr2000 Member

    Keyboard light seems to be initiated based on the light available when the keyboard is opened. When opened in a dark room it's on, when opened in a light room it's off. Doesn't seem to reset.

    My battery appears to be draining quicker too.
  22. klbowden

    klbowden Lurker

    Got the update and am now having SERIOUS issues w/ my Droid. Update IS on the phone as I verified....

    1. Several (11 to be exact - even google maps which was on my phone when I got it!) of my apps were deleted (both free and paid ones) and I am unable to reinstall them. Phone lingers at "preparing to install" for hours. Restarted phone several times, took the battery out, etc.

    2. Does not sync my email automatically any longer (went into settings and manage apps and sync apps and reset everything to no avail.) have to hit refresh in order to get new facebook updates and new email messages.

    3. Can't download any NEW apps either.

    4. HATE the new placement of the google search bar below where it used to be and the new unlock - any way to revert to the old?

    Anyone else having issues? Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated...Loved my phone until yesterday:-(
  23. hard2say

    hard2say Newbie

    You could use the "Stay Awake Option" in the Development settings.

    Settings > Applications > Development > Stay Awake.
  24. oceanlight

    oceanlight Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    @ Kerri

    did you try a factory reset?
  25. Tanviper

    Tanviper Lurker

    I hate the off center time and Verizon wireless on the lockout screen. Anyway to fix this?

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