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2.1 delayed AGAIN!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dibberly, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. dibberly

    dibberly Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Oh the joys!!!

    at least there saying that the phone is capable of MT...but not by them (prob dont know how to tbh)!!

    In all honesty....do sony REALLY KNOW WHAT THERE DOING??

    1st it can do MT, then it cant, then it can, then it dont have MT capabilities now there saying it CAN do MT...but not by them???

    no plans for FROYO because of hardware/ software compatibility...Did they not say that about MT??

    Another nail in the coffin....not that i have much room for any!

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  2. CuBz

    CuBz Android Expert

    They are starting to roll out the update at the end of this month, hoping to have all handsets upgraded by the end of Q4
  3. northernale1

    northernale1 Android Enthusiast

    where is this posted ,, this really a new post.,.. looks like the one from about a month ago,,, but i would really be surprised,,,

    i just got of phone with rogers,, and im exchanging for the captivate,, they let me cancel my iphone4 order,, so im staying droid,, yay,, just not SE droid
  4. dibberly

    dibberly Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    look and read what he posted today:

    we are looking to relesae the upgrade by the end of Q4 year.

    I read that as starting the release at the END of Q4 year...ie DEC
  5. CuBz

    CuBz Android Expert

    Well it is dated with today's date so I would assume it was posted today :rolleyes:
  6. slugpace

    slugpace Member

    just came across this, interesting

    Rikard Skogberg from the SE Product Blog has once again been active in the comment section giving little snippets of information that we have consolidated below. There are no major surprises: he confirms that the DLNA update will now come in the next update (following Android 2.1). He also says that the Android 2.1 update will have to be done at the PC in full rather than OTA (although OTA notifications will still be there). He also confirms the Android 2.1 release date for late October as well as confirming no multitouch, no equaliser and no Arabic fonts. Interestingly he says that Sony Ericsson has learned their lesson and will tinker with the core Android code much less next time round and will instead build layers on top that should make it easier to deliver timely OS upgrades.
  7. CuBz

    CuBz Android Expert

    You read it wrong, it does not say We are looking to start releasing the upgrade by the end of Q4. He would have stated it that way otherwise
  8. CuBz

    CuBz Android Expert

    That's devastating to me :( I was really looking forward to having DLNA support :( now I have to wait until Q1 2011 :(
  9. dibberly

    dibberly Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    and he dont say that all handsets will be completed by the end of Q4....just that they will release it at the end of Q4 year - i take that as a starting point - you take it how ever u feel

    not getting into an argument here.....its not worth it
  10. slugpace

    slugpace Member

    Don't hold your breath though :eek:
  11. northernale1

    northernale1 Android Enthusiast

    so he is saying multi touch is possible with third party.. not by SE,, roflmao.. does SE even know,,,

    no 16m color due to performance ,,, lol....

    and doing our best to fix bad hardware,,, hehe,, only way that will happen is replace all the x10s,,,

    reading that,, this phone is going to be short lived for updates,,, this one and this one only
  12. northernale1

    northernale1 Android Enthusiast

    ans SE q4 ends december 31,, i wouldnt hold my breath on seeing update next week
  13. billytrueblue

    billytrueblue Member

  14. dibberly

    dibberly Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    maybe someone knows more than the CEO!!

    I am sure (would hope) that SE has some sw that would stop fake posts to be submitted...but then again................
  15. Stuu

    Stuu Member


    I totally agree with you! There are so many mis-spelt & incorrect words in there its unbelievable.

    If this was "genuine SE staff", I'd think they wouldnt let a reply to a blog go out like this!

    Im thinking & hoping that its a fake reply!

  16. CuBz

    CuBz Android Expert

    I'm not arguing with you, and tbh none of us know what to believe anymore and we never know whether to take things seriously or not. It's a joke
  17. CuBz

    CuBz Android Expert

    It's an obvious fake, some people are that sad, as hard as it is to believe
  18. dibberly

    dibberly Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    true...none of us know, but there is one thing i do know

    if its true all the violence in france will be like childs play compared to what SE will encounter - lol
  19. Guys and gals relax...i can confirm 100% that is a fake post. Every single time Rikard posts his name will ALWAYS be green....not black.
    I've also been watching his post counter....which still remains at 753....no need to panic :)
  20. CuBz

    CuBz Android Expert

    It's hard to believe that some people can be so sad to make a fake post like that
  21. Its not hard to believe at all.....so many idiots out there its very believable.....just watch for Rikards actual posts and his post counter and u will know what to believe and what's fake :)
  22. CuBz

    CuBz Android Expert

    True, there are so many idiots out there, but what is so fun about pretending to be Rikard Skogberg, its more pathetic than funny
  23. X10iUser

    X10iUser Android Expert

    I've just posted as him so doubt it's genuine.
  24. Its pathetic to us.....but to him its funny because he is an idiot....he is cleary trying to stir the pot and start a rumor for engadget or someone else to pick up on and piss everyone off. Rikard will probably clear this up Monday...I don't even believe he posts in that blog anymore because of the abuse and vulgar language and I don't blame him. All his posts are in his newest blogs now. I've been following him closely....does that make me a stalker? Lol

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