Jan 24, 2010
I saw over in the Sprint section that 2.1 was out. Is there any way to get 2.1 for Cellular South yet, or is that only for Sprint Customers? I have the 'sprint' model, so it has always confused me...

The update out today was for sprint heros only. If your hero isn’t a sprint hero you can not use this.

Hopefully the floodgates will open for the other hero users soon but in the mean time patience.

I've said it before but will repeat for others. The hero is the best phone i have ever owned. It may be better with a software upgrade but it works now. Yes it has a few odd niggles but it will still happily make calls, surf the net, message, email, map routes, show me where i am, play music, tell the time..........

What the rush in using software that may make one of those functions fail. It works. Let HTC make the software work properly and then we will reap the enhancements when its tried and tested.

The very next thread after the release of the firmware will be a post saying that something doesn’t work properly or has changed for the worse.

I'm still amazed that the root community seem to worry about dynamic backgrounds.

Im still happy if it makes a call.
Yeah this is crap! Everybody else is getting it, CS reps don't know sh^t, meanwhile everybody else is moving on. SUCKSUCKSUCKSUCK!...
I asked Cellular South a few days ago and they told me that it would be out by the end of June.
I currently work at Cellular South. The 2.1 update was pushed back because in a certain spot in CS's footprint, SMS and MMS would duplicate, so it will be a few more weeks until it is officially released.

On another note, get ready for the HTC Desire which will arrive August or September 2010.
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So.. Like. Has this been the issue for a while?
I would like to commend you for your actions :)

This is really all I wanted to hear. Thank you Thank you!

I have been yapping like crazy about it, and all I wanted was an update (time update, not just talking about THE update). I mean like what kind of problems your having and etc. I know it's a tough thing to do, I am not denying that. There are going to be problems in any infrastructure, I was just upset that there was NO update about.. the update. heh.

But I really do commend you for telling us this and not the ole' cookie cutter "We are working closely with HTC to deliver a stable product as fast as possible yadayada".

You know, the same old emails we get from HTC copied and pasted into a response.

Thank you I am happy. I detract all my distasteful replies and etc :)

CS get's the desire!? Wow! awesome.. for everyone ending their current contract :p
I'm going to stick with the hero, but that is one awesome phone.