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2.1 Gmail Account Sync Problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by JoshN, May 20, 2010.

  1. JoshN

    JoshN Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi All,

    I have tried to get to the bottom of this problem a few different ways, but haven't had any luck and haven't found it in any other threads. The issue is that after the 2.1 update my gmail will not sync to the phone. I have gone to Settings < Accounts & Sync < Google and found that Contacts, Gmail, and Calendar are all set to sync but while Contacts and Calendars have recent times for their latest sync Gmail is always the same. I have unchecked/rechecked the Sync Gmail toggle to get the sync going and the arrows spin but it never updates. I have also tried to refresh from the Gmail app itself with no luck and logged into a Wifi connection to see if it would work over something other than the mobile network still no luck. I have also rebooted several times with this seeming to work to resync Gmail only once and not in the last couple of tries. FYI I do have Advanced Task Killer and have used it to close down a few programs including the browser. This never had any affect in 1.5 but just wanted to make sure a new problem couldn't have come from that.

    If anyone has any clue as to what might cause this or if you are having this problem too please let me know.


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  2. nick325i

    nick325i Android Enthusiast

    In your mobile connection settings do you have the background data and data synchronization options on?
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  3. JoshN

    JoshN Lurker
    Thread Starter

    If you are referring to the "Background data" and "Auto-sync" toggles under Settings < Accounts & Sync then yes I have those both checked. I have unchecked/rechecked the Auto-Sync toggle just in case but no luck. Also my only other two apps that are syncing are Twitter and Weather and as far as I can tell these were not Auto syncing until I unchecked Gmail for auto-sync and relieved the hang up, but now they are autosyncing... let me know if I can give any more info.
  4. Droidone

    Droidone Android Enthusiast

    Try this, go into settings, applications, manage application, gmail storage, and hit the clear data button and then ok on the popup. Then restart the phone and that should fix it.
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  5. JoshN

    JoshN Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Awesome! Worked like a charm. Thanks so much for your help. Not sure I would have gotten there on my own.
  6. MobileES

    MobileES Member

    I was having the same issue, thanks Droidone!
  7. Droidone

    Droidone Android Enthusiast

    no problem, glad I could help.
  8. kacmu90

    kacmu90 Lurker

    Hi there! I've done all of the above. Still, items that are added in my incredible in the calendar do not show up in my google calendar. I sync calendar, then refresh on the google calendar, with no luck. The "sync" boxes are checked, I hit "sync", I've cleared the data from the mail application, reset the phone, and still not working. Any other ideas? Thanks!
  9. MobileES

    MobileES Member

    Well, I think I typed too soon. I checked my phone this afternoon, same issue. Sync is giving me the error for the contacts: Sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly.
  10. TeamPEZ

    TeamPEZ Well-Known Member

    Thanks Droidone! Do you know any remedies about the issue I just posted by chance?
  11. Droidone

    Droidone Android Enthusiast

    if your talking about the ringtone problem, I am not sure what is causing that. 2.1 definetely has its quirks. If I figure it out, I will let you know. I don't use mp3 ringtones though
  12. LM67

    LM67 Lurker

    Contacts sync terrible on 2.1 - on old 1.5 was able to limit sync to My Contacts from Google Contacts, now syncs all contacts (i have over 2800 in google contacts) - any help would be appreciated getting back to sync of only My Contacts
  13. Droid_Newbie

    Droid_Newbie Lurker


    I just got a Transform with 2.1, and when trying to sync gmail, I get a pop up that says "The Process com.google.process.gapps has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again"

    I tried going to settings, applications, manage application, gmail storage, but it's simply not there.

    It's getting annoying, I just switched from a crappy Palm and I'm having issues already.

  14. diwrom

    diwrom Newbie

    Is there a way to fix this without a reset? I have appbrain so getting everything back in my phone is not a problem..just redoing all my settings for my apps is a PIA. If I enter an event through my phone it goes into my google calendar online, however when I make changes online, they do not show up on my phone calendar. I use this for work and my hours are always changing. I really need a reliable calendar. Please let me know
  15. Steve S.

    Steve S. Lurker

    I am having a calendar syn problem too. I downloaded Jorte and use that when I need to check my calendar. I look at Jorte instead of the google calendar. That works.

    Google needs to get that fixed. It is ridiculous that their calendar does not function properly!
  16. mslisaj

    mslisaj Android Enthusiast

    Droidone, When you say "reset the phone" exactly what do you mean. Reset up the gmail account? If so it's been awhile since I had to do this so could you give a quick set of instructions for that too. As everyone else I have the correct boxes checked in the sync settings but I am just not receiving my gmail at all. Now that I read it here this has probably going on for a week. My POP mail works just fine. As another gentleman said here redoing the entire phone is a PITA so I want to avoid that at all costs. But this is interesting to read that others are having issues with their Gmail too. Just when I think my phone is working perfectly it has a little hiccup and keeps me fussing with it...... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..

    Thanks for the help.

  17. Droidone

    Droidone Android Enthusiast

    I should have used the word restart instead of reset. The steps above should get it working again.

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