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2.1 now avalible In The UK??

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ExHuMeD, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. ExHuMeD

    ExHuMeD Newbie
    Thread Starter

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  2. tony102smith

    tony102smith Newbie

    i got this info just yesterday

    Thank you for your email regarding your GT540,

    The update is on the system but we have to wait for the networks to verify that it works with their software before we can release it to their customers, so far the only networks that have completed the verification are Vodafone and Orange so their customers are able to access the update. We hope that the other networks will follow suit in the near future.

    Best regards,
    LG Electronics UK Helpdesk
  3. ExHuMeD

    ExHuMeD Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the info tony, Looks like ill be waiting a long time as im on o2,
  4. Bk2fut

    Bk2fut Newbie

    Bought mine in Carphone warehouse, unlocked. I use my old Vodafone SIM, but it seems that I have to wait for CPW to verify it.

  5. BWest

    BWest Lurker

    Hi, I am on orange and I would like to try installing this on my phone so I wanted to know if there is a link and some instructions on where and how to install this in my LG540 please. Thank you
  6. ExHuMeD

    ExHuMeD Newbie
    Thread Starter

    BWest if its out for orange witch is what most people are saying try seeing if the lg support tool is letting your phone update
  7. BWest

    BWest Lurker

    The Tool keeps telling me I am uptodate. So that doesnt help
  8. missisipihipi

    missisipihipi Newbie

    i hope the cpw verify it quickly, btw does anyone know if they'll be a 2.2 update in the near future?
  9. djpailo

    djpailo Newbie

    very unlikely is what I read somewhere.
  10. baileyrichard

    baileyrichard Lurker

    Hi Team

    I spoke to LG UK support on the phone last week and they said as far as they knew 2.1 would be the release in the near future and to use their update software from their website to get the upgrade.
  11. grimus

    grimus Lurker

    Hi Group,

    Got my phone from Carphone Warehouse and was able to upgrad to 2.1 last night.

    No problems at all.
  12. ExHuMeD

    ExHuMeD Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hey grim what network are you on buddy?
  13. grimus

    grimus Lurker

    Unlocked phone, so no network as such.
    Got a Three sim in, but as Three does not sell the phone you can see it's not important if phone is unlocked PAYG.
  14. baileyrichard

    baileyrichard Lurker

    Hi Grimus

    Can I please ask where you got the 2.1 update from - was it the UK LG site?

  15. grimus

    grimus Lurker

    I Used the Update Tool from here: Mobile Phone Support
  16. baileyrichard

    baileyrichard Lurker

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