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2.1 update Alarm issue

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kjw002, May 20, 2010.

  1. kjw002

    kjw002 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    This morning my alarm went off like every morning, got up picked the phone up and hit dismissed. The alarm screen went a way but the sound did not. I pushed every button possible. I could not get it to stop and i could not turn the phone off. Finally I had no other option but to pull the battery.

    Any one else experience this with the new 2.1 update??

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  2. treborcj

    treborcj Android Enthusiast

    I have not seen that. But my alarm will not go off. I was actually looking at the phone waiting for the alarm and saw a quick flash like it was going to pop-up and alert me but did not. I thought it was weird and waited til this morning and it never rang to wake me up. My wife's phone alarm actually woke me up.

    I changed settings this morning but have not tested.
  3. astrobill

    astrobill Well-Known Member

    Yes...there is a problem here....

    I discovered this morning that the volume buttons on the side of the Hero no longer appear to snooze an alarm!!!! They now FORCE you to either pick up the phone and focus to fins the small "Snooze" button on the lit-up touch screen (which doesn't make it easy to fall back asleep, by the way) or apparently to touch the track ball.

    This sucks! I LOVED the fact that I could fumble for the phone half-asleep and just feel for the volume buttons to snooze the alarm. DARN THIS !!!
  4. nick325i

    nick325i Android Enthusiast

    I had this problem one time straight out of the box with 1.5 the first time I used the alarm after I bought it.

    I also had to pull the battery to get it to stop. The audio just keep looping. Not sure if its specifically a 2.1 issue.
  5. jdawg0024

    jdawg0024 Well-Known Member

    For those of you having issues with the vol. keys not snoozing the alarm. Go to the alarm and press menu/settins then click on Side Button Action. It should say None, Snooze, and Dismiss. Press the Snooze option and it should work. I am running the Latest Leak for Damage. (Thanks Damage for letting me keep ROOT). It is the same version as the "Official RUU" from sprint. Just did a test and my volume keys did snooze the alarm.
  6. caliboy99

    caliboy99 Member

    I had a weird problem with the alarm on my official 2.1 this morning. The alarm went off as usually, i hit snooze to get ten more min of rest, alarm goes off again this time i hit dismiss to turn alarm off. But this time the alarm kept going off every ten min. I know i hit dismiss b/c i let this happen twice before i had to going into the clock and uncheck the alarm for it to stop.
  7. pntrafn

    pntrafn Lurker

    I had the same issue with mine this morning...2 alarms set for different times...neither alarm went off.
  8. kjw002

    kjw002 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    It did the same thing this morning............alarm went off and the only way to stop the sound was to turn the phone off. I pushed every bottom and even went into the menu to turn the volume to silent and that still didnt work
  9. kjw002

    kjw002 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    3rd morning in a row......alarm starts up but cant be turned off with out shutting down the phone..........................
  10. I have 3 alarms set and they never go off. This has gone on for over a week on my official 2.1. This is ridiculous, those alarms are important, I don't have them set for no reason!
    How can something that seems so simple get screwed up with an "update"!?
  11. AndroidNEW-B

    AndroidNEW-B Newbie

    Im having the same problims, My alarms just wont go off, does anyone know if System Update 2.27.651.6 (3.17MB) fix the problim? or what that update does?

  12. AndroidNEW-B

    AndroidNEW-B Newbie

    Or what can be done to fix the alarm...
  13. V425

    V425 Android Enthusiast

    Supposedly that "update" makes it so you can't root 2.1 because developers just found out a way to do it
  14. AndroidNEW-B

    AndroidNEW-B Newbie

    Ok thanks.
  15. lmao!
  16. Holy hell my 12:00 alarm just went off (and on time)!!

    I think because I messed with it this morning, wondering what the hell was going on... I've messed with it before but it only worked for that day then stopped going off again.

    It is true, the rocker buttons on the side no longer snooze it :( but I've read the back button does- I tried 'home' and it worked.
    Let's see if it goes off again in 10...
  17. SoloWinter

    SoloWinter Newbie

    I had this exact same problem a few days ago and had no other choice but to pull the battery to make it stop. Haven't had it happen again.
  18. AndroidNEW-B

    AndroidNEW-B Newbie

    Did a hard reset on my phone, alarm started working again on every day(s) except Wed & Fri. Trying a reset again hopefully it will be fixed for good now.
  19. treborcj

    treborcj Android Enthusiast

    It finally happened to me. For the past 2 days my alarm goes off and can not turn it off. There is no button to dismiss. Only way to turn it off is to power it down. I just did a test and same thing. I am thinking it could be the lock screen since I changed roms. I will try another.
  20. DFWDraco76

    DFWDraco76 Lurker

    I have the stock 2.1 ROM and see this problem from time to time, where I dismiss the alarm but it's still going off - only way to get it to stop is to power it off and back on. One of the many annoying "features" I've found with 2.1.
  21. AndroidNEW-B

    AndroidNEW-B Newbie

    Sprint just replaced my phone, The new one hat the 2.1 factory installed & have had no problims with it yet.
  22. Sixxx

    Sixxx Android Enthusiast

    The volume buttons activate snooze? I have to test this, I used the alarm for the first time ever this morning and was like "what the...where's the snooze button..."
  23. flatH2O

    flatH2O Newbie

    I've had both of these problems, but I can't recreate them. caliboy99's "won't stop beeping" thing happened to me last weekend for the first time. And kjw002's problem with the "dismiss swipe" acting like a snooze instead of a dismiss. Really frustrating after everything worked just fine before 2.1.
  24. Sixxx

    Sixxx Android Enthusiast

    Scratch that, my back button works as a snooze. Also, i'm using Fresh 2.1.2 so.....

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