Root 2.1 UPDATE - Should Work For the Behold II?

Sprint release the 2.1 update for the Samsung Moment today. Here is the link to the update on Sprint's website. Will this update work for our Behold II? I'm willing to try to install it on mine (I'm currently running 1.6 no twiz). What do you think guys????

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BH_MAN integrated bits and pieces of the leaked moment update with the AOSP 2.1 in order to get it to work on the BH2... so, as far as i know (which might not be enough...) it might not work with our phones solely by itself. but i could be entirely wrong...


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He's got pleanty of 2.1 dumps from Samsung phones.

Just none for the Behold II. Hence why the 2.1 thread is for Developers: Because none of them will work "out of the box"


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I tried it and it won't "download" to my phone. It just hangs up at 0% and keeps saying "downloading". Maybe I should give it more than 2 mins before i give up on it?


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well it hangs at 0% for about 1 min or so even on the moment (updated my mother in law's moment yesterday) and then continues...but THIS ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT WORK FOR THE BEHOLD 2. sorry guys.