2.1, WiFi "not in range, remembered"


My home wireless network has always worked with my Eris until I updated to 2.1. I can get it to connect once, but after a few minutes, it disconnects and when I go into the wireless settings, I see the status as "not in range, remembered" even though I'm right next to my wireless router.

Any ideas?


I'm having similiar issues. Ever since I upgraded, my Eris won't connect to my router at home. It says "Remembered" and "Excellent" signal strength.

Frustrated because it worked fine before upgrading...


Android Expert
Delete the network from the list. Then search for available networks and reconnect. That solved the problem for me.

Edit: No-idea pointed out below that I hadn't said how to do this. In case you don't know Menu>settings>Wireless & networks>wi-fi settings. Long press on the network in question then select "forget network"