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2.2 and Charging Station problems.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rag133, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. rag133

    rag133 Member
    Thread Starter

    I just did my update to 2.2 and am having a problem with the docking station I use to charge. Basically, I use the docking station as the clock for my room, and with 2.1 the screen would stay on while in the cradle and show the time and I can see if I have mail/messages/etc... well, now that I have 2.2 on there, the screen goes off after a minute or so and all I get is a green clock that moves around like a screen saver, but very hard to see. I checked dock settings but all you can change is the sound. Any way to fix this?

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  2. jfoust

    jfoust Newbie

    I noticed this too and it annoys me because i use mine as a weather station/clock at work. I finally installed Alarm Clock Plus V2 and that has an option to disable the screensaver, but the Froyo App doesn't seem to have that ability.
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  3. rag133

    rag133 Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks, going to check that out. Not sure why Froyo changed this, makes no sense to me.
  4. jfoust

    jfoust Newbie

    Tell me about it - I use the dock 8+ hours a day at work! I would be fine with it if they would have just given you the option of turning off the screensaver or setting some kind of timer on when it kicks on, but there's nothing that I can find.

    On the plus side, I like the way this one displays the weather better than in 2.1. And the dim mode looks like it might be dim enough to use as an alarm clock at home too. 2.1 was too bright, even in dim mode.
  5. rag133

    rag133 Member
    Thread Starter

    I never used it as an alarm clock, it stays in my office as a clock when I am not using it and also at night. This green moving clock is not going to cut it, maybe they will fix this with an update or something, because there is no good reason to make that change.
  6. jfoust

    jfoust Newbie

    Also noticed that when I dock my Droid it stays locked. In 2.1 it would unlock and go into the dock screen. Wonder if I missed a setting for that?
  7. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    This seems to be working. Thanks!!
  8. Lock-N-Load

    Lock-N-Load Android Expert

    this is a real step backward.. no way to turn this off? I want the home/dock screen.. not this horrible green clock screen saver.. so we have to download a 3rd party app to do this?
  9. jfoust

    jfoust Newbie

    Yeah it blows, but at least the Android community has a quick and easy solution ready for ya!

    I'd rather they didn't just go changing things like this for no apparent reason without giving you an option to turn the friggin screensaver off, but I'm glad ACPv2 was there to fix the Android Dev's f-up!
  10. bzgunner

    bzgunner Lurker

    The feature annoyed me at first, but I now like it after seeing it in action at 5 am.

    I use my Droid as an alarm clock and the screensaver is much easier to read while giving off less light in the room. Before I couldn't tell the difference between 5 and 6 o'clock without moving my head closer or squinting my eyes. It was quite refreshing seeing it in the morning for the first time.
  11. tonyairplane

    tonyairplane Lurker

    Did they not test this release? It's hard to believe that this would not have come up in testing.

    I too use this for 9 1/2 hours a day to keep an eye out for text messages from my family.
  12. jfoust

    jfoust Newbie

    My thoughts exactly. New features are GREAT and I'm all for them, but they couldn't have just expected that everyone would want their phone to function like that. At the very least give the option to turn the stupid thing on/off.
  13. Ibby

    Ibby Lurker

    I also find the clock "Screen Saver" feature anoying. I use the station on my desk and I want to be able to see the weather etc without having to touch the screen.
    I did however figure out the purpose of this feature.
    ORGANIC LED DISPLAYS have burn in problems as bad or worse than a CRT or older Plasma display.
    The feature should have an OLED/LCD auto detect function or switch BUT the lawyers must have told the developers that the expected user is not smart enough to be able to make an intellegent descision and it is better to piss off the LCD users than replace OLED phones under warrenty.

    Droid user since day 1.
  14. Genetic_Bloom

    Genetic_Bloom Well-Known Member

    The original dock screen was a custom Moto thing from 2.0. This new one is Android standard, it's on the Nexus One too. I'm not saying that it's right that they changed it, but that's the way it is and that's why they did. They gave us 2.2 almost identical to the N1 which many people wanted.

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