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2.2 Market

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by GalaxyS_Superphone112, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. GalaxyS_Superphone112

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    okay im running bionix fusion 1.1 and i want the 2.2 market app because i believe it allows you to pay for apps on your account like tmobile will just bill it to your phone bill can anyone help me with upgrading my market?

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  2. Vibrant X2

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    Paul (a genius for rooting android devices) made a tweet a couple of weeks ago about how to install the 2.2 market on 2.1 devices. You can see his thread here.
    XDA user JWhipple made a post with the .apk file and it's really been catching on. You can find his post and the file to download here.

    Do not delete your existing market (vending.apk from system/apps) or move it. Just simply download the .apk file from the linked thread, and then open it up with a file manager. It may ask you to install or upgrade, click that, and then accept the prompt about a system app. Voi'la, you have one of the better features of 2.2 Froyo on your phone now.

    ** Please note this is just the updated market, you will not be able to install Flash on our Vibrants till we have Froyo OS **

    Huge thanks to Paul, Liam Haynes and JWhipple. I have done this and everything seems to be working perfectly."

    This is the thread I got it from
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  3. GalaxyS_Superphone112

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  4. I'm on 2.1, not rooted or anything, and just yesterday I had the option to pay for an app on my T-Mobile account.

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