Jun 25, 2010
I just update my phone to 2.2 and now every time I turn it on it takes forever. After it shows the tmobile screen (which now annoyingly makes noise even when the phone is on silent, but thats a different problem) and the galaxy s screen, the phone goes black for a long time although it intermittently shows the notification bar where it says the media scanner is running. It also randomly vibrates a lot during this time. Is there anything i can do to fix this/is it happening to anyone else?
I am having the same issues. Although I really don't want to go through the hassle of doing a factory reset, if no one knows of another solution, that might be what I have to do.
I was just poking around the forums some more and found this thread:


Apparently the problem has something to do with the pin/password lock. I had the pin lock on. I found this thread, disabled the pin lock, and my phone starts up just like normal now (I've tried it twice to make sure it wasn't a fluke). It kind of sucks that I have to either disable the pin lock every time I restart, use the pattern (which I'm not a big fan of) or not have a lock at all, but at least I know what the problem was! I hope this is the problem for you and it is just an easy fix.
I also have the problem with start up sound when in silent. Does anyone know how to fix this issue without rooting.