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[2.2 Theme] DarkStyle v1.6 | For xRecovery | Update - 07/02/11

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by X10iUser, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. JimmyX10

    JimmyX10 Newbie

    but I want to donate little now and then so if you have a donation link or something else you can post it to me in PM

    I did see the DarkStyle logo has been raised again :) I'm really are curious about the new look, hope 1.6 releases soon :p I can't wait :)

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  2. X10iUser

    X10iUser Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    v1.6 is up. :) As said in the OP, the screen you choose widgets from still has black text but the icons should be enough for you for the time being and hopefully will sort that in the next release. If you come across any font other than that please let me know and provide a screen shot if possible.
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  3. PollPixx

    PollPixx Lurker

    thanks!!!!! Will try now

    Edit: Looks great again.....but.....The problem with the widget it is for example Poweramp....i know the icon, but when I tap it than i come in a submenu where i should choose the dimensions...which is now not possible...
    the only work around is long tap one so you can see which one it is, that way it doesn't select it right away...

    hopefully you will find a workaround to make the text white...
  4. Pawnty

    Pawnty Guest

    I completely understand why you would want to remove it from XDA. Thanks for the reply :) I followed you from XDA too. I'm glad that you decided to continue work on Darkstyle. I love your work but I'm not a huge fan of the color green :p I do enjoy nice shades of blue though ;)

    Very nice :) Question though, what exactly has changed since v1.5?
  5. X10iUser

    X10iUser Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Thanks. Mainly the dark menus as shown in the first screen shot.
    Thanks. As I've said that is already known about, but is one of those annoyances that I just can't figure out. Thanks for the link at XDA too. :)
  6. PollPixx

    PollPixx Lurker

    no worries, we keep the theme alive there as well....:D
  7. cryptstyling

    cryptstyling Lurker

    Looks nice man.

    I like the texting area. Looks much smoother now.
    Glad to see you are back
  8. keeglj

    keeglj Lurker

    Followed you here from XDA...Was hoping for a black dialpad in v1.6 :) ...does not matter though as the theme is still top class,you sir are the theme master !!
  9. JimmyX10

    JimmyX10 Newbie

    I have noticed a problem you don't see what you are typing. So if this us really missed spell I poligize
    Edit its just in some places like in dolphin hd and phandroid app

    But its damn sexy I live your work.
  10. bazji

    bazji Newbie

    Excellent mate keep up the great work
    jusf nktjced the font in google maps js un readable to mate when yoh tap layers.
    Having trouble with Google search and my email too hope you can read this lol
  11. baz@gmx.co.uk

    baz@gmx.co.uk Well-Known Member

    Dear X10iUser, I have been wondering all day what the story was, having seen a post about "1 banned and 1 decided to leave" i thought you have just decided to stop - so i was surprised to read your post explaining what happened - and that you had been banned :eek:. i have no knowledge of MOD/Senior user politics, but i must say i am disappointed in XDA for what (by all accounts) is nothing short of arrogance.

    When i joined AF you were among the first to help me, didn't make me feel like an idiot - even made me feel welcome. Without you, Cubz, KTP, RoseRed and a few others - i would have given up on this brilliant device long ago! Now i am (i think!) helping other new members with the tips i have gained from yourself and other in this forum.

    Your themes are by far the best i have tried, the only other that came close was the NeonBlue, but still not a scratch on DarkStyle. Eminence (my first custom rom) made me see the possibilities and since then - ResMods, DarkStyle and GreenGlow have been outstanding.

    Anyway, i don't know you personally; but, imo, you are a big loss for XDA.
    I'm delighted to see you are still making themes, love your work and appreciate all you have done for me.

    End of rant, i shall stop now and join the ranks of all your supporters in this thread/forum.
    B :cool: :eek: ;) :D
    EDIT - forgot to say, thanks for 1.6!! am gonna try it in abit!!
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  12. LordTakyon

    LordTakyon Newbie

    All I can say is HURRY UP STABLE FROYO lol

    And before people start telling it is, it ain't. It is not suitable for my needs yet.
  13. bazji

    bazji Newbie

    How can I add screenshots with android app?
    Phandroid. App
  14. bazji

    bazji Newbie

    Ah back to darkstyle v 1. 5 for now mate. I don't know how to add screenshots. With this Phandroid app X10iuser I'd show you the issues I've mentioned if I could. from what I can see on my email and even this Phandroid app my font is black with v1.5 and Google search and Google maps. But in v1.6 it is white.

    Hope this helps
  15. mrtim123

    mrtim123 Lurker

    sorry to keep dragging it back up again, but im sorry to see all the sh!t that went down @ xda. its a massive loss to the xda-x10 community, and its pushing a lot of the long termers away - over to here.

    back OT, 1.6 is looking great - keep up the good work dude :)
  16. anders260

    anders260 Lurker

    Hi excellent theme, problem in handcent text is white
  17. X10iUser

    X10iUser Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Thanks. :)
    Thanks. :) I'll see what I can do in the next update.
    I've got some more font colour changed like maps and the search bar in the browser, but need to figure out changing white backgrounds to black now.
    Thanks. :)
    Thanks for your comments and support. :)
    Hopefully that should be sorted now, but as said, when I sort one issue I encounter another, but will get there eventually.
    Thanks for your support, I saw your post in the suggestion section on xda which is why I wrote my post here. I've had a bit of an email exchange with one of the site admins today who said it caused quite a discussion between the mods online at the time, some saw my points and some didn't, but doesn't look like the ban will be overturned.

    A one day ban I could have lived with, a week ban is excessive and if I am away for a week I'll not be going back, I'll still visit to keep up to date but wont be an active member any more.
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  18. JimmyX10

    JimmyX10 Newbie

    It's no problem take your time, it's in some places but I can manage it thanks to sl SlideIT :) you are awesome. Thanks for 1.6
  19. MrWomble

    MrWomble Android Expert

    Now then M8Y

    Nice to see you up and at it once more, again, i will echo what everyone has stated both on XDA previously, also in here recently

    Your work is awesome, proof that the X10 will not be buried in the realms of SE UI

    Long may it continue

    (sorry, keeping it short as i was awake all last night watching superbowl, then work today, so just a smidge tired)
  20. Timer

    Timer Lurker

    Turn your screen sideways when you type. There is just enough difference to see the letters. For me the text color in the drop down notification bar is black as well. I'm sure its been addressed though. Also in adw the text for the widget resize its also white on white.
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  21. JimmyX10

    JimmyX10 Newbie

    Thanks for the tip about have the phone in landscape when I type. Its not the best,but like you said its enough to see :)
  22. jpdediego

    jpdediego Lurker

    What an ass....
    I think they are just jealous!
    We will be following you here then.

    Keep up your good work dude
  23. ukrainehigh

    ukrainehigh Lurker

    just a quick question my phone charges real slow like 1% every 20 mins after i started using this theme sometimes it will even go down when im charging, what can i do? thanks and i did wipe battery stats
  24. shranksy

    shranksy Lurker


    Just installed the theme, it looks good but I keep getting FC - the application HTC_IME mod (process jonasl.ime). Any tips on fixing this or maybe there's something I haven't done.

    Also, I know Eminence wasn't being further developed but is there a way to use it with the new official multi-touch fw??

  25. cryptstyling

    cryptstyling Lurker

    Theme is smooth with a couple bugs.

    When i wanna add a widget i almost can't read the text.
    The text is black with a black background.
    It's hard to put a widget then when you only can see the app icons.

    Is there a way i can set the text to white color????

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