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[2.2 Theme] DarkStyle v1.6 | For xRecovery | Update - 07/02/11

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by X10iUser, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. Manuman

    Manuman Lurker

    Hi X10iUser.
    been following your work and using your themes for months over at Xda, not really one for posting on forums, but just to say thanks for all your excellent work, and to show my support against the crazy decision to ban you from Xda, keep up the great work on here mate. ;)


  2. X10iUser

    X10iUser Android Expert
    Thread Starter


    Please read the first post.
  3. bazji

    bazji Newbie

    I had the same HTC_IME problem my problem was I never had the HTC keyboard installed make sure you have an HTC_IME keyboard installed and running when you install the theme it was driving me crazy till I figured it out.

    Hope this helps.

    use this :)
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  4. telmoabff

    telmoabff Lurker

    X10iUser, unfortunately had to replace v 1.6 for another theme. This were strange. Button sizes. Colours. Lists. I'll wait for next versions eagerly...
  5. kersey

    kersey Well-Known Member

    XDA's loss is our gain here at Android Forums :p.

    Top notch theme again mate except I'm having an issue with the text colour using Handcent, the text when typing a message is now white against a white background.

    There's a similar problem with K9 mail, the subject text when receiving an email is now white against a white background plus on the k9 accounts screen a lot of text such as account name is also white on white.

    Not come across this before so any advice is appreciated.
  6. JimmyX10

    JimmyX10 Newbie

    lol now I'm done with xda I got a 3 points "something" and a mod that's don't have any braincells. So now im not returning to xda.. Im glad that my favorite theme maker is here. :)
  7. X10iUser

    X10iUser Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Just a quick one, I'm pulling DarkStyle as there are just too many issues that I haven't got time to sort until the weekend, and it's only while really using my phone today that I've seen just how many which makes some parts of the phone quite unusable as some of you have already mentioned.

    Sorry guys.
  8. JimmyX10

    JimmyX10 Newbie

    okey, so what are the plans now then? Have anything else in stock for us :p

    Edit:,sorry misunderstand what you said I thougt you would stop working on DS :p
  9. bazji

    bazji Newbie

    x10iuser we all love your themes.
    Looking forward to your next theme mate whenever it maybe

    Take care

  10. Superbrowndude

    Superbrowndude Well-Known Member

    Thanks for posting it here,looks like they jewd you out of xda for a bit :(
  11. pngface

    pngface Lurker

    It is! I've been using it for a week now....
  12. ryawo

    ryawo Lurker


    Good to see you're keeping the good work going since moving from XDA forum. Any chance we'll have a theme for J's FreeX10 Gingerbread 2.3.2. My phone looks incomplete without a theme
  13. JimmyX10

    JimmyX10 Newbie

    I was just thinking about asking this too, XperiaX10iUser Do you think you will make any theme for FreeX10 2.3 Gingerbread, its really dark now but its damn boring. If you don't think you will do anything for 2.3 I will restore FreeX10 2.2. Again
  14. Superbrowndude

    Superbrowndude Well-Known Member

    Hey could you please post a link to greenglow :)
  15. JimmyX10

    JimmyX10 Newbie

    there us a mirror in greenglow thread on xda
  16. Chikanoz

    Chikanoz Lurker

    Hi, i followed u here from XDA cos i luvvvvv yr themes & also to show my support. U surely r the Da Vinci of X10 themers! Keep it up, apreciate yr awesome work!!

    Cheers, I.Z


    Ban the MOD! :mad:

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  17. FarenHeit

    FarenHeit Lurker

    Hey X10iUser
    Guess Who....
    Its marylandcookie lol...
    After such a long time away from an x10 i coudnt take it!! I went out and got another one :)
    So much to read and catch up on...
    And i see as usual you have "rustled" up a very nice 2.2 theme, but i dont see the link. Seems like you have taken it down due to some re-work i guess.
    Oh well i will look forward to using it once its up again... in the meantime i will have to find a "cheap" place to unlock an x10i in the UK.
    (Know of any :D )<- i know how much you hate this question as its been adressed many times over at xda, however i never needed the service then but unfortunately now i do.
    Any one here used a reliable service.
    Cheers guys!!
  18. BULL3TPR00F

    BULL3TPR00F Lurker

    XperiaX10User, any updates on whats going on with DarkStyle? Love this theme and personally feel its the best one available (i switched over from XFX10)
  19. gohwh1

    gohwh1 Lurker

  20. eroye

    eroye Lurker

    Good evening, XperiaX10iUser.
    Would I like to know if you envisaged to take again the theme of the Rom Eminence to adapt it on the 2.2 FreeX10 beta 3 and 4?
    Thank you for your answer.

    Best Regards
  21. Superbrowndude

    Superbrowndude Well-Known Member

    I think he posted somewhere on here that he was not gonna upgrade it,instead hes gonna be working on other stuff.
  22. echomac

    echomac Lurker

    Perfect theme for my X10 and FreeX10 beta 4 (ROM 2.2.1)
    Changed back though to DarkStyle v1.5 due to the known v1.6-issues like white text on white background & vise versa.
    Besides that everything works just great.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10


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