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Support 2.2?!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by felocean, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. felocean

    felocean Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Why is the Thunderbolt being released in Froyo and not Gingerbread? :thinking: Does anybody know?


  2. jayishere

    jayishere Android Expert

    It will be getting 2.3
  3. rdubbs007

    rdubbs007 Well-Known Member

    They said that about the Eris... IMHO VZW sucks at releasing Android OS updates (relating to the Eris fiasco, so if you are going to generalize my post and think that I am referring to every update in general, DON'T. GTFO.)
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  4. jayishere

    jayishere Android Expert

    they said it about the TB too
  5. willdogs

    willdogs Android Enthusiast

    What he means is that when the HTC Eris first came out, it had 1.5. It was sold under the premise that it was getting either 1.6 or 2.0 in very short time. Most all sales people were telling new Eris owners this as well as HTC.

    Well, there was no OS upgrade for Many Many Many Months (8 months?) after the Eris went on sale.
  6. daddyd302

    daddyd302 Android Enthusiast

    We[Epic owners] were promise the same BS update and of course to this date it's still 2.1. I gave my Epic to my brother and came to Verizon with the Droid X, waiting on the TB.

    I would not be surprise if we only got 1 update and that was it. I get the feeling we'll have to pay up, to get future updates by buying new phones.

    I just don't believe they will invest so much money into updating a phone, and rather just sell you a new one with the new update.
  7. rdubbs007

    rdubbs007 Well-Known Member

    They are going to skip the 2.3 update for the TB and move straight to 2.4 meaning that it will probably be about 7 or 8 months until there is an update from froyo. I have absolutely no concrete evidence to back up this estimate, it is pure speculation garnered from experience and history.
  8. jayishere

    jayishere Android Expert

    I doubt it'd be 7-8 months
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  9. rdubbs007

    rdubbs007 Well-Known Member

    Ok, well exaggeration might have gotten the better of me there. That is worst case scenario, but more likely 4 or 5 months.
  10. jayishere

    jayishere Android Expert

    just depends on when it's ready to go I guess ;)
  11. rdubbs007

    rdubbs007 Well-Known Member

    Believe me. I have been on VZW for 10 years, first real smartphone was the Eris (I am not counting my crappy ass Blackberry Storm... what a joke) followed by the DInc, then the X, and back to the DInc. I can firmly state that once a new version of Android is ready to go (on Google's end) the source code is given to the manufacturers to port to their phones, which in turn must then present it to the carrier for extensive network and functionality testing, etc. Because Big Red Rocket is so concerned with everything working 100% perfectly from the get go (this is a good thing actually), it delays the process because they usually are sending it back to the manufacturer to fix issues at least once or twice. = delay on update.
  12. Depth Afield

    Depth Afield Well-Known Member

    Can someone please explain to me why we have to treat our smartphones any differently than our laptops at this point? Why is there such a stranglehold on system software updates at all? Why are we not at the point where we could simply pay $5-10 to download a system update?

    Can you imagine what it would be like, if suddenly Windows and OS X were only able to be updated by buying a new computer? Much less be forced into a data plan when you bought one, simply because they were capable of internet use?

    It's all very stupid at this point.
  13. Geidroid

    Geidroid Member

    Why would they update when they are hoping you get inpatient and jump ship to a newer phone?
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  14. ChiTownJim

    ChiTownJim Android Expert

    From what I understand almost every phone manufactur is gong to skip 2.3 and go straight to 2.4

    You can always root , I've been running 2.3 on my Incredible for 2 months and I guess it will be ported to the TB very quickly

    I don't think Verizon or HTC are bad on updates at all . The Incredible got upgraded to 2.2 pretty quckly maybe 6-8 weeks after the Nexus One got it. And the Nexus One stll s on 2.2 the only phone with 2.3 is the NexusS and it might stay that way
  15. Tech Addiction

    Tech Addiction Android Expert

    I believe they are working on the 3.0 Bluetooth stack and will release 2.3 and the 3.0 Bluetooth stack together... I may be wrong but thats what I believe. If you read the specs it said 2.1 EDR Bluetooth.. 3.0 when available.

    I was just about to say 2.4 but I wasn't sure if it was compatible or not. I think 2.4 has NFC tied in with it too.
  16. skinien

    skinien Android Enthusiast

    I realize that's just your opinion but empirical data shows that verizon is actually the best US carrier in terms of getting updates to their customers. :)
  17. Tech Addiction

    Tech Addiction Android Expert

    Yea, the Incredible has had 3 updates already and one was the major 2.2 upgrade.
  18. rdubbs007

    rdubbs007 Well-Known Member

    Well, whatever... I root and install ROMs from the kitchen anyways, always have them before they are officially pushed every time. Meh./
  19. fortesquieu

    fortesquieu Android Expert

    This is definitely wrong statement. There was a report saying VRZ and HTC are the fastest to upgrade their phones.
  20. rdubbs007

    rdubbs007 Well-Known Member

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