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2.3 GingerBread for Captivate[discussion]

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by compscidev, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. cincyrob

    cincyrob Android Enthusiast

    Ok makes sense seeing att is so far behind on everything else. Thought I might have slept pass some updates. Lol


  2. btswein

    btswein Guest

    Nope. AT&T has 20.5 days to get us our Gingerbread or they are breaking their promise :)
  3. geeve420

    geeve420 Well-Known Member

    I would bet on a broken promise. They are probably waiting till after the Holiday to see how many sales they can get on new phones before actually taking care of the phones already sold. It's all about the dollar, not customer satisfaction.

  4. darkrequiem

    darkrequiem Well-Known Member

    Amen on that one brother! :) That is the only thing they will ever respond to.....I do believe if I do get another android phone I may steer clear of Samsung as well.....
  5. geeve420

    geeve420 Well-Known Member

    My thought exactly about Samsung. I am suprised that when I checked they don't have the upgrade ready for my wife's Infuse either, It is a newer phone at that. I wouldn't be upset if it got it first, it would make sense actually. Oh well the wait continues.

  6. Reggie3

    Reggie3 Well-Known Member

    I don't think you have been reading the postings - It is not a Samsung issue as they have Gingerbread released - it is ATT not bringing it to the Captivate -
  7. jsteinmetz1

    jsteinmetz1 Newbie

    Could always email or call the AT&T CEO. I doubt it will get ya anywhere but...

    Randall Stephenson, AT&T CEO
    rs2982@att.com (direct)
    phone: 210-351-5401 (direct to his secretary)
    fax 210-351-3553
    alternate phone: 210-821-4105 (headquarters, press 3, ask for Mr. Stephenson's office)
    175 E. Houston
    San Antonio, TX 78205
  8. geeve420

    geeve420 Well-Known Member

    That may be, however they are in a partnership on this. Therefore in my mind, they share equal blame. Samsung should ,for the customers, be all over AT&T to get this update out if is ready. They have to realize how it makes them look.

  9. darkrequiem

    darkrequiem Well-Known Member

    Amen brother! I feel they are both equally to blame and this experience has left a strong distaste in my mouth for all Samsung phones. The captivate will be the last Samsung one I will buy. I just feel they really don't care what their customer base cares as long as they buy their phones. This is MY opinion on this. They could have pushed this with AT&T, hell Apple did.
  10. seanpr123

    seanpr123 Member

    Just want to add my $.02, this is not Samsung's fault, and if you've had any other Androids on AT&T you'd know this is not manufacture specific (grass is always greener...)
    Don't let this stop you from great pieces of future tech.
  11. geeve420

    geeve420 Well-Known Member

    Samsung has to take some blame. From these articles:

    Android upgrades: Which manufacturers can you trust? - Computerworld Blogs

    Android upgrades: Which carriers can you trust? - Computerworld Blogs

    We are stuck with the two worst for upgrades. between Samsung and AT&T we are double whammied with suck LOL! Just my opinion though. It won't stop me from future tech for sure, just learned to stay away from Samsung and probably AT&T as well :)


    Just wanted to say I am trying to pick a fight or anything, just giving my opinion and venting my frustration at the poor customer service by both companies.
  12. neo1973

    neo1973 Member

    Not really earth shattering, but you're right. The rest of the WORLD had gingerbread on their SGS phones months ago. This is 100% a corporate greed thing, with ATT progs having to jam up the OS with bloatware and other proprietary junk, and they are in no hurry to do it because they'd rather you get a new 2 year contract.

    I find it interesting that neither wirefly and letstalk deal with ATT anymore. Wonder if they got tired of being intermediaries for ATT's woeful customer service and tech support?
  13. btswein

    btswein Guest

    6 days left AT&T..
  14. ndoran

    ndoran Newbie

    dont hold your breath :cool: hah
  15. RLeWorm

    RLeWorm Newbie

    1 day left...wtf! sick and tired of the bs
  16. zx81

    zx81 Newbie

    My phones warranty expires in a few days. Time to learn how to flash and get the taste of Gingerbread before Christmas is completely over :D.
  17. geeve420

    geeve420 Well-Known Member

    Have a look at the second link in post #216, One click solution if your rooted. I just went to 2.3.5 to try it out. What I found were a few minor but annoying bugs:

    Vibrate was really weak
    Volumes were lower
    It installed live wallpapers to the external sd, so I had to move them back
    The quick launch buttons (?) in the notification pull down, silence was replaced with airplane mode. (This was deal breaker for me; I use the quick silence a lot)

    Other than that it was a lot faster, sleek and ran great!

    I did go back to Foyo for now though.

    I sent an email to the CEO with the info in post #232 and got a call back from one of his assistants, he said they have no idea when the release will be. I vented my frustration and that was pretty much it. A go nowhere phone call. I told them it might prevent some pretty pissed off customers to at least acknowledge us in a press release or something to keep us informed. He agreed, but said he went through the same thing with his carrier as he was not on AT&T and understood where I was coming from. I found it odd he worked for them and didn't use them, but he said where he lives AT&T reception was a no go. I also brought up the fact that they have been rated last in customer satisfaction for 2 years in a row by Consumer Reports and also for updates by tech blogs. He said they are trying to create a customer service center for just Android since we are the bulk of their users now. We'll see I guess, seemed rather smoke up the @ss to me, but at least they actually called me back.

    I wouldn't hold my breath for the update in the next day or two.


  18. reidcc

    reidcc Newbie

    Well... Thanks AT & T! End of year and NO Gingerbread. Since I HIGHLY doubt you're working overtime to publish it tonight<g> I guess that means we wait... and wait.

    When it comes time to upgrade maybe its time for us to start voting with our $$$'s and decide if YOU are really worthy of us spending our money with YOU!!!
  19. ulbonado

    ulbonado Member

    Since the source to the KK4 level (which leaked some weeks ago) has now apparently been officially published, that seems a pretty good sign that it's going to be the final release. I finally gave in and flashed a ROM (Saurom) based on it this morning. Frankly, it's ok, but nothing to really get all that excited about. The lag issues have been improved somewhat, but are not fully resolved. It has a few nice touches, most of which are courtesy of the ROM dev rather than Samsung, but basically it's not that different than what you have.

    Things I like:

    -Runs (a bit) smoother
    -"Battery Use" option in settings breaks things down a lot more specifically
    -Can now put five items in TouchWiz launch bar instead of previous four
    -Battery % in notification bar instead of previous vague icon (this is probably the ROM dev's work, stock Samsung ROM doesn't have this, I don't think)
    -Certain apps ("Hanging with Friends" in particular) seem more stable. It used to periodically hang unrecoverably-- had to reboot to get control back. This doesn't seem to happen (so far) under GB.
    -Voice dialing
    -Many more toggles under notification pull-down (scrolls left-right. Again I think the ROM dev did this, won't be in stock Samsung GB)

    Things I don't like:

    -Lag is still present, to an extent

    So that's about it. Nice, but hardly anything to lose sleep over. And if you want it that badly, it's available from xda.
    reidcc likes this.
  20. RLeWorm

    RLeWorm Newbie

    any news on when gb is coming?
  21. darkrequiem

    darkrequiem Well-Known Member

    I am going to take a guess and say never. For some reason Samsung decided they were going to try and gives us this value pack version of Ice Cream. Well now they have pulled that leaving them an excellent way out with no explanation on gingerbread. This is just my option on the topic.

  22. skramblr

    skramblr Well-Known Member

    Ice Cream is not Gingerbread. Gingerbread was already released by Samsung. We're waiting on AT&T to release their bloatware version (not Samsung and not ice cream). Your comment and this thread seem unrelated.
  23. Android26

    Android26 Android Enthusiast

    We have NEITHER update and NO positive guarantees.
  24. darkrequiem

    darkrequiem Well-Known Member

    Uhhhh.....it relates on how we have been waiting this whole time for gingerbread for THIS phone, regardless AT&T or Samsung. Then people moved on and started looking at possibly ICS for this phone and because of alot of outcries Samsung said they would look into this. Well as you can tell that is NEVER going to happen so looking BACK at Gingerbread I feel this too will be brushed under the rug. At this point I don't care if it is Samsung or AT&T at fault, but this will be the last Samsung phone I upgrade to. This is simply my opinion on this that is all.
  25. btswein

    btswein Guest

    I think you guys will be presently surprised when you get Gingerbread. Yes I said when, not if. Check AndroidCentral, phones are still getting Gingerbread at this point, you will see it. You're gonna be surprised that it doesn't vary much from Froyo and you're gonna want ICS which the Captivate won't see, but you'll want a new, faster phone by then anways. So get over it, Gingerbread isn't anything to write home about.

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