Root 2.3 keyboard REMOVE words?!


Using the gingerbread keyboard's touch-to-save functionality, I've managed to save words that I don't want saved. WHERE? How do I remove them?

I've tried clearing the keyboard's data, uninstalling and reinstalling it, and the words are still there like a damn plague ruining my phone!

^ Common unanswered question, but...

Turns out there's an app that lets you do it, User Dictionary Manager. But the question remains. WHERE is the list naturally? How do I modify it manually?


Not sure if it's exactly the same with your device but in my SE NEO (rooted 2.3.3), I just cleared the keyboard's cache through 'root uninstaller'. I haven't checked if you can do this in the stock setting options.

LOL, realised I didn't really answer your question but double checking my device, you can clear the keyboard's data in settings>applications>manage applications...

As for removing individual words... haven't worked that one out.
Interestingly though, in my settings for Japanese keyboard (I use international keyboard), there was a whole bunch of settings that weren't in international, like add/remove Japanese and English words, an edit list and the like... this is however most probably irrelevant.
Go to settings/Language & keyboard/Touch Input/Personal dictionary/Edit personal dictionary.

From here you can select the word to edit it or press menu and select delete to select any words you would like to delete from your personal dictionary. You may also add words, abbreviations, etc. to the dictionary so that when you are typing a text message, the phone will automatically recognize these words.

This is for Gingerbread 2.3.4. No need to mess with any other app, rooting, etc.