so there are lots of unofficial 2.2's out at the moment...
my question...
will the apollo support 2.3, will it meet system requirements etc...?
will samsung look into 2.3 after hopefully releasing 2.2 in april?
and will unofficial versions of 2.3 be availiable for us in the future?


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apollo will meet system requirements, but there's no real point in trying to get 2.3 on to our phones.

Samsung will NEVER officially release 2.3 for our phones. We've already paid them, it's cheaper for them to make a new phone and have people buy it with 2.3 already on it.

I highly doubt any unofficial versions of 2.3 will be released for the G3, because it takes a lot of time to develop the correct drivers. We'll see though, but I doubt it.


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any news barquers?
i heard somewhere me may have a glimpse of hope

I seriously seriously doubt it. Samsung won't ever release it officially, and unless a developer has a ton of time on their hands I doubt it even more. Even if they do make an unofficial version I wouldn't bother trying it as it probably won't be as well developed as the official.