Android Enthusiast
Nov 28, 2009
Keep in mind, I come from an original EnV. If it had this feature, it was lost to me, so just go with it and share in my excitement.

With the Eris, it is SUPER easy to put someone on hold and then call another person. There is a little phone icon on the bottom right of the dialer, with a plus logo on it. you click that and you can add to your call, which puts one person on hold (it shows you their number on hold) and lets you talk to the other person.

still need to experiment with this, but im sorry, this is FRICKING cool.
Not to throw water on your fire, but keep in mind the call on hold is still ticking off minutes on your account.
You're right though, it's a cool function.
I've never even come close to using up my minutes :p. I don't talk on the phone a lot, it's just cool to have the ability to do so