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General 2 g-mail accounts and I need to delete one.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Laurenvictoria, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. Laurenvictoria

    Thread Starter
    Oct 1, 2012

    Oct 1, 2012
    I have found similar threads to mine but with no resolution so I'm making my own with the hopes that there is some Android genius out there that can help me. I hope to simplify this as much as possible. I have a Samsung Galaxy S. When I first got my phone I added my gmail email account and it synced perfectly fine. I had to create a new gmail account because of a divorce and I created a brand new one and I added that one to my Galaxy. So at this point, I had 2 gmail accounts synced to my phone. I then when into the accounts and unchecked all the synced boxes for my first gmail account so that way I would not get notifications BUT I did not try to delete this email account so I still had both emails. Today, I went on my PC and physically removed my first (old) gmail account and deleted it. I then get this warning sign on my phone saying it could not sync with my email, etc. So I went into accounts and tried deleting this gmail account so i'd only have my new one on this phone...well it wouldn't let me without me resetting my entire phone to default which would delete everything I off my phone so I did not. But now it will not even sync my new gmail account. I tried deleting my new account and then readding it and it's saying I am entering the wrong password - but I am not, I have tried it 20+ times. So my question to you gurus is: How on earth can I delete the first gmail account I added and add my new gmail account that way I only have ONE that is on my phone and that syncs? Please let me know if I need to provide anymore information on this :/ Thanks!!!!!


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