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2-player bluetooth game for 2.0.1 or higher

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by lekguan, Aug 6, 2010.

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    My friend and I have made a 2-player game based on bluetooth which runs on android 2.0.1 or higher.

    We have entered the game into the local Android Developer Challenge for students, and the app is available for download from the URL for up to 31st August, upon which the judging closes:

    Application name: Gaimfertu
    Screenshots: http://gaimfertu.appspot.com/game
    Download: http://android.sce.ntu.edu.sg/appsdirectory/appcounter/idapps/47

    We have no plans in the foreseeable future to turn this game into a paid app, and we plan to upload the game into the android market for free once the competition is over. Please support free apps by downloading the game.

    If you like the game, please evaluate it with the SADC2010 Evaluation Application. Thank you all.

    1) Register as evaluator: http://android.sce.ntu.edu.sg/index.php/evaluators/login
    2) Download the evaluation app: http://android.sce.ntu.edu.sg/app/eval/SADC2010EvaluationApp2.apk

    Just a little note that prior to the competition we had no background of JAVA, only C, and spent about 2 months learning JAVA/android coding and creating the game.


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