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General 2 question about the RAZR HD

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by micahdiablo, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. micahdiablo

    micahdiablo Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Feb 15, 2011
    Colton, CA
    I am just lurking around on these forums. I am a a windows phone user(lumia 920 but have used a good amount of android phones).

    My mom recently broke her droid razr maxx the other day and has been desperately seeking a new phone.

    She liked the razr maxx and she could've gotten it again...but i figured since she has to sign up for a new phone anyway...might as well get something new.

    she only had the razr maxx two months.

    Yesterday, I got her a GS3 and she likes it but she has been having crappy ass signal/reception.

    sigh...the shiny and flashy animations apparently are good for her short attention span lol.

    So more than likely i will be taking it back....

    I am trying to get her to get the lumia 822 or htc 8x on verizon because

    1. I am biased towards windows phone...lol
    2. She is not a power user therefore doesn't really need a power smartphone.
    3.I haven't used android since the DNA i had briefly at the beginning of the month so it is harder for me to know what is up with android these days since i don't use it anymore.

    I am still working on the windows phone conversion for her but she appears to like Android so i am looking at android phones for her unfortunately....

    1. Reception...she had good reception with her droid razr maxx(the first gen). We live in a crappy area so one bar is usually what we see with verizon.

    The Gs3 has horrible reception....when i had verizon, i had the 8x and it was awful...as far as signal. Phone was great but the actual calling part was horrid.

    If she gets a razr hd or a razr m....should we expect the same quality as far as reception?

    2. Any glaring bugs or issues with the Razr HD?

    Your help is appreciated!

    Again she is not a power user...she is quite basic with smartphones but doesn't want a non-smartphone.


  2. PowrDroid

    PowrDroid Well-Known Member

    Nov 7, 2012
    Business Owner
    Minneapolis, MN
    I don't think there is any difference between the radio in the Razr Maxx and the Razr Maxx HD. So you should have the same reception with the HD version of the Maxx.

    I have heard that the Razr M has the antenna at the bottom of the case and when gripped normally your hand will interfere with the signal causing a loss of signal.

    RAZR M has the same problem the iphone had. - YouTube

    I did reproduce this in the Verizon store.

    Settings > More > Mobile > Mobile Networks > Network Type and Strength

    I read the signal strength with the phone in its holster in the store (ie -85 dBm) then picked it up in my hand and read the signal and the M showed a lower number (ie -94 dBm) but the Razr Maxx HD signal did not change when gripped.

    The only glaring problem I've heard of that Moto has acknowleged is a problem playing HD video from your phone onto your HDTV with Jelly Bean installed. From what I hear of your mom's phone using habits, this won't be an issue.
  3. K4KAI

    K4KAI Well-Known Member

    Apr 17, 2010
    Finally Retired
    Reno, Nevada
    I think the RAZR MAXX HD will resolve the poor signal problems experienced with the Samsung SG3. I, too have the MAXX HD and love it. Before the MAXX HD, I tried the RAZR M and found it seriously lacking in overall performance (compared to the MAXX HD). This is probably why the RAZR M sells for considerably less than it did a few months ago as compared to the MAXX HD.

    Whatever your decision, good luck !!!
  4. skinien

    skinien Well-Known Member

    Jul 23, 2010
    I have the RAZR MAXX HD and I love it. The reception is awesome - much better than my previous phone (galaxy nexus). I'm able to get strong LTE signal where the nexus could only get 3g.

    There are a couple of issues with the phone but they don't bother me enough to want another phone:
    - Jelly Bean update broke HDMI out (video is grainy)
    - Jelly Bean did some wonky stuff to bluetooth. Now if I stream music and get a phone call, the music starts playing through the external speaker while the phone is ringing.
    - The camera is sub-par indoors/low light. Images are really grainy/blurry. But I've read that it's basically the same as the old Razr.
    - The phone stock launcher has a bit of lag/stutter. I chose to use Nova launcher and it's made the phone lag free.

    I doubt your mom would even care/notice these issues though. The fact that I can go 2 - 3 days between charges and the cell reception is awesome makes this phone great. The screen is nice and the look/feel of the phone is great too.

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