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2 questions..

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by knowsomething, Jun 1, 2010.

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    Should the incredible just automatically sync with my computer? When I had my droid I just plugged it in and the droid said " do you want to sync" and I choose yes and I could go into "my computer" and into my phones files to drag and drop files etc, this phone is not giving me that option.

    Secondly how much memory should be available under phone memory? Mines has 701mbs available but nothing saved to the 16gb card I have. How do I move things currently saved to the phone under the memory card?

    If these questions have been asked before I apologize but I dont have a ton of time to check thread after thread, thank you for your assistance.

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    Assuming you're not using Gmail? If yes, then it will sync with Gmail/Google Calendar/Gmail contacts, etc wirelessly.

    Otherwise, you should have installed HTC sync. When you plug the phone in, it should ask if you want to use it to 'charge only' for 'HTC Sync' as 'Disk Drive' or 'Mobile Broadband'. You can choose one and have it not prompt you again. If that's what you've done, then you'll want to pull down the status bar, at which point you can choose the USB mode.

    You're confusing memory (RAM) with storage space. Memory is used to run programs. Storage space is used for permanent storage. Android manages its own memory - you needn't worry about it unless you're running tons of apps and in that case, you'd want something like Advanced Task Manager to kill them off (or run auto-kill, if that's your thing). Storage space is used for things like music, videos, documents, etc. You can use a program like DoubleTwist to help you load music/videos onto it. Or, you can manually transfer data to it by simply connecting it via USB and selecting "disk drive" mode, at which point it will map as a storage device (under 'My Computer' - AKA 'Computer' on Vista/Win7).

    Hope this helps.

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