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2 related ?s - non-word typing error and reasons to reset phone

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by pamzella, Jan 13, 2012.

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    Sep 2, 2011

    Sep 2, 2011
    I bow to you who pay more attention to this stuff and can help, I use my phone to manage my personal life and two part-time jobs and am generally too busy to stay on top of changes to my phone/OS, etc.

    First problem: a long time ago when I first got the phone I must have sent a text where I added a ".g" to the end of some word with a g on it. (Ex: texting.g) I still use the default keyboard. Now it's no longer a suggestion when I type, but any word that ends in g the phone is adding a .g I manually have to delete! But it's not a word showing up in the dictionary I can remove.

    Second problem: I apparently have that "phantom memory" problem, where the phone says storage is low and won't sync gmail, etc. even when it says I have 46 or 50MB left. If you look at my biggest apps, top is contacts (maybe 200) at 21.6MB, my Touchdown email for work 13.5MB (I don't sync contacts), followed by Flash, Facebook and Maps. The contacts thing ballooned after the last update I downloaded 2 weeks ago or so, along with a lovely bug that reboots my phone occasionally when I'm not even using it, killing the battery extra fast. I don't currently sync contacts with Gmail... I have been paranoid as I went to Gmail when Yahoo got hacked and sent so much malware via my contacts list... Maybe I'm being a luddite, but I was trying to avoid that happening again.

    I understand the only possible solution to the general second problem is a hard reset of my phone. Will that also fix my first problem? Must I- or should I and I am being a stick in the mud- back up my contacts to Gmail or can the reset the Sprint store can do capture all that? I've written down my Touchdown settings, is there anything else I should make sure I do before attempting a reset or going to a Sprint store to do it? Please feel free to link to a discussion already taking place, I can find "how to do a hard reset" threads easily, but not "how not to be stupid so you don't lose all your stuff" beforehand threads as easily. I've consciously backed up photos only.


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