2-way communication with a non android verizon phone???

i know that verizon offers 2way communication between their phones. if i had that service active on my X would i be able to communicate with a non android verizon phone? my company is about to swap from another carrier known for their 2way, to verizon.... i dont want to give up my X just to have 2way com with them...

anyone know the answer?


Android Expert
PTT(push to talk) for verizon is only available on 8 models, neither of which run android OS. You would be stuck with having to call or text for communication.


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The only thing close to what you are describing would be TiKL Talk. I have not used it since June of last year, but it is pretty neat. Also, I believe it will work cross platform with Android and iOS. I have heard it works with Blackberry too, but I do not think that is true. I believe it will happen though; Windows and WebOS too.