20 Top Android Games for the Summer


Hey Dan,

I just found AndroidPimps (through this forum), its my new favorite android website. Keep up the good work.

Ps, have you ever thought of doing small video reviews (in the same vein as appspy.com)?

Dan Fury

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Thank you very much, it's always encouraging to hear that people actually like the site. :)
I wanted to do cutted and moderated reviews in the beginning, so I teamed up with a friend who is a pro in these things, the only problem is that he doesn't have much time and it is really time consuming to write a text and cut the material accordingly.
Since he doesn't have the time to finish the first video at the moment, I decided to shoot uncommented Videos to our reviews and publish them on our youtube channel:
YouTube - ‪Androidpimps's Channel‬‎

I do have a kick-ass voice actor and cutter, but real commented video reviews are something I want to do right, so it will take some more time, but we're definitely on it.


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can anyone suggest a few games that can be played on htc wildfire?? the low resolution is quite dissapointing !! thanks a lot

I'll be releasing a version of Pirates & Traders capable of being played on low density displays later today. I would appreciate it if you would try it and let me know if there are any places where the resolution/screen size is a problem (hard to test this without a real device).


Dan nice site.

It turned me on to Crush the Castle which is awesome. I've been waiting for Angry Birds. For $0.99 it's definitely worth it. 19+ MB though ... wow ... definitely needs to be updated to run off the SD card.

It seems to run well on my Evo (I only played the first stage so far).

I've added your site to my daily Android reading.