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2000mAh batteries on ebay.....bull,,,,

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bignibb, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. bignibb

    bignibb Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I bought one of these 2000 mAh batteries off ebay for the ultra cheap ($5) and after doing some not so scientific test found that it didnt last as long as the stock battery or as long as seidio 1750. so I pulled it out and decided to remove the pretty sticker to find a metal battery underneath with 900mAh clearly printed on it in lazer etch. It will serve as an emergency only battery from now on but it did pull a little close to and over 3hrs of use but not much though.

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  2. stanglifemike

    stanglifemike Well-Known Member

    I would contact the seller for a refund. If they don't agree then get ebay involved. That's the kind of BS that gives ebay a bad rep....
  3. ScorpDX

    ScorpDX Android Expert

    Pics of the sticker/battery would be nice to go along with that!
  4. tracerit

    tracerit Android Enthusiast

    yeah, who's the seller too? im close to buying some extra standard size (1500-1800) batteries off ebay and would like to avoid this guy.
  5. htc.EVOlution

    htc.EVOlution Android Expert

    giving seller info and ebay auction link with pics would help. members would benefit from this and not make the same mistake
  6. bignibb

    bignibb Newbie
    Thread Starter

    [​IMG] 2000mAh Battery for HTC Evo 4G
    Rechargeable Battery
    • * Quantity:1
      * Stay connected with your family and friends by getting extra battery power today!
      * This replacement battery has an integrated microchip that prevents overcharging and lengthens battery life.
      * Best replacement for the original battery with comparable standby and talk time.
      * Great bargain with excellent quality guaranteed!
      * Type: Generic / Aftermarket
      * Cell type: Lithium Ion
      * input Voltage: 3.7V
    • Capacity :2000mAh
    Compatible with :
    Sprint HTC Evo 4g
    packing list:
    1x2000mAh Rechargeable Cellphone Battery for HTC EVO 4G (and also for HTC T5353 MODEL)

    Payment :
    1 .We only accept payment through Paypal. OR .All major credit cards are accepted through secure payment processor PayPal.
    2. Please make sure you have a valid PayPal account
    3.We ship to Paypal shipping address ONLY. When you pay from paypal, please check your shipping address at paypal, if the address is not correct, please make the alternation before you send payment. Because the incomplete address will cause the mail lost ,please make sure to guarantee adress exactitude.
    4.If you have bought multiple items from me, you can send me one payment for all the items instead of paying for them individually. When you click the Pay Now button, eBay will automatically determine if there are other items you have won or purchased from me and will combine them for your review.
    Shipping Terms:
    1.We will ship your order within next days after receiving your verified payment (including Weekends and Public Holidays)
    2.Items are shipped from Hong Kong using Airmail, reach most of the countries within 10 to 20 business days,weekends and holidays not included. Delivery time depends on destination and other factors, it may takes up to 20 business days.
    3.We always supply free shipping on all orders in my store.
    Return Policy :
    If any item is defective upon receipt, please contact us for the return address, return is accepted within 30 days after the buyer receiving the item. Returned item has to be in its original condition. Buyer is responsible for return shipping costs.
    Feedback and Detailed Seller Ratings:
    1.Dear buyers, we appreciate your business, if you are satisfied with our service, please leave us a positive feedback and rate the details of the transaction (Detailed Seller Ratings) with a <PERFECT 5 STARS>. [When you rate the shipping time part please take international transit into consideration.] Your recognition will make us more confident to develop business and serve you better.
    Contact us:
    1.We care about our valued buyers, if you have any questions, our Customer Service staffs will be very glad to help you. We try our best to reply to your emails as soon as possible, however, due to high volume of daily incoming emails and time zone difference, we may not be able to reply your emails immediately. Please allow 24 business hours for us to response.
    2.We aim to provide the best service and products!! Please leave a chance for us to communicate with you in case there is any problem. Any question,please contact us: st_520_wyl@hotmail.com ,Thank you very much.
    3.Weclome to visit my ebay store,The name is :2009st2009

    This is the link and the battery looks just as pictured, but once you peel away the sticker it says 900mAh on it in lazer etch (sorry no pictures of it)

    Also on a side note the battery is actually a little slimmer than the stock or the seidio 1750 battery ( width wise) which explains the why its really a 900mAh

    I was not going to go through the whole process with ebay or paypal for a $5 dollar shipped item, I think my time and effort would cost more.
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  7. that's what they are hoping too.. you do nothing.. you need to file a claim to show them and put them on notice
  8. bignibb

    bignibb Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I understand wht you are saying, but it is not worth the time or my effort for $5 BUCKS. I am just happy to warn my fellow EVO owners to be aware of this but if they want to test it, it will cost them $5 bucks. I would also have to prove that that was the battery that they sent me and that I didnt just slap their sticker on a lesser battery. Can I prove this over E-mail, NO, am I willing to mail it to ebay or paypal for them to verify what I am saying is true, NO. Plus I altered the battery from its original design rather than having an expert do it. Which supports any claim of why should anyone of authority believe me over them?

    Now $5 bucks for a 900mAh battey that fits your evo is not a bad deal as a back-up in case of emergency, but to claim its a 2000mAh is just wrong.
  9. I purchased from same guy and just emailed him today asking about this. See what he has to say
  10. Some of those sellers will do anything for a 5 star rating or, more so, to avoid any negative feedback and lower rating. I would email them and tell them you are not ready to rate then because you are dissatisfied with the item. Tell them you need a resolution but are not willing to ship the item back. I bet you get a full refund and get to keep the battery. I have had legitimate complaints before and usually just get a refund while keeping the product.

    Note: this had only worked with "cheap" items such as this.

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