The last super deal you told me about, is now a permanent 2nd SSD in my daughter's laptop in addition to the Hard Drive...
she runs a home based business and can't afford to loose all of her Relational Databases.....
a little 'uh oh' that occurred earlier back a while, took a bit of sluething to find a copy of it so she could update it to current status..... only "cost her" about 2 days of work .....

she is a believer now, never have only 1 copy of something, and don't have that only copy on your laptop. they break.
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My laptop's SSD is constantly backed up to a WD MyCloud 6TB drive with a redundant 6TB drive mirrored. No way do I trust any drive to last forever... they don't.

And I guess the microSD sale is OVER because the price has doubled to $120 now. If you got in, great... if not, too late!
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My daughter's laptop only has 2 USB ports!!!

what a farce!

she bought it because it is "Purple" :p,

I need to maybe set up a WiFi auto backup program for her.
She does not create a lot of data, it is all pictures that are static.