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2010 World Cup: Good but can get better.

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Mendoza140, Jun 8, 2010.

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    World Cup fans are a passionate bunch; because of that they need as much information as they can get. These fans will then turn to the device they almost always have with them. This World Cup app for Android phones is good but it's not great, I will show you why.

    -Simple organization but good
    -Variety of ways to view upcoming matches
    -Color coded groups make it easier to find certain round 1 matches
    -Has all the necessary basic information (time, date, etc)
    -It's free

    -Unable to send notifications
    -No settings or customization of any kind
    -Unable to follow favorite Nations
    -No news feed about tournament, matches, or players
    -Unable to change matches to local time
    -No detailed information regarding teams or players
    -A calendar widget with upcoming games would be nice
    -No widget that shows current game that updates automatically

    I know that some of the cons may seem nit-picky, but World Cup fans will eat, sleep, and breathe soccer for a whole 30 days. They may need something with a little more. The developers may update the app soon and turn some of those cons into pros. Until then, this app is a good app that has all the basic information you need, but for those who require a lot more, they will need to find it in another app.

    Hopefully this review has helped you in your search for the right World Cup app for you.


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