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Only 7 days after their second December update, BUL6, Samsung has begun rolling out their 5th Android 12 release for the S21 series of international devices.

Initially, as always, this is a staged rollout to the non-carrier branded, stock Samsung CSC codes first.

The Galaxy S21 international devices that will receive this update are...

  • S21 5G model SM-G991B
  • S21+ 5G model SM-G996B
  • S21 Ultra 5G model SM-G998B
This latest release replaces the previous G99*BXXU3BUKG/BUL1/BUL6 builds on the international devices.

  • Device security improved
  • Bugfixes
  • After upgrading you will not be able to downgrade to the old software because of updates to the security policy.
It is a FOTA, (Firmware Over The Air), update and you can check... Settings > Software update... to see if it is available for you. Alternatively, you can connect to the Samsung PC suite, Smart Switch and check via that.

System information


The update = G99*BXXS3BULC

Download = 244.04MB

Build date = 21 December 2021

Release date = 24 December 2021

Camera version = (no change)

One UI version = 4.0

Android Security patch = 01 December 2021

This is the 24th stable update for the Exynos model in 329 days. Average = 1 update every 14 days.

TOP TIP: Wipe the phone's cache partition and use the Galaxy App Booster after updating.

(N.B. This post will be updated as more information becomes available)
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Looks like Samsung are not wasting any time in rolling out this BULC firmware update.

It has already been pushed to numerous, stock, non-carrier branded phones, worldwide with more being added all the time.

A very Merry Christmas to one and all

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Just released by Samsung, more BULC updates for the international S21 devices and CSC codes...
  • Bangladesh (BKD)
  • Baltic Europe region (SEB)
  • Ghana (ACR)
  • Ireland (3IE)
  • Afghanistan (AFG)
  • Spain (AMO)
  • Spain (ATL)
  • Austria (ATO)
  • Kenya (AFR)
  • Romania (CNX)
  • Albania (AVF)
  • Georgia (CAU)
  • Bulgaria (BGL)
  • Switzerland (AUT)
  • Italy (ITV)
  • Luxembourg (LUX)
  • Greece (EUR)
  • India (INU)
  • Senegal (DKR)
  • Nordic Countries (NEE)
  • New Zealand (XNZ)
  • Russia (SER)
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BULC for U.K. stock Samsung, non-carrier branded, on CSC code BTU and for EE carrier branded, (EVR), is now available

No news on the carrier branded devices for U.K....
  • Vodafone (VOD)
  • O2 (O2U)
  • Three (H3G)
Also, no news yet on the Canadian (G99*W), China/Taiwan (G99*0 still on Android 11), Korean (G99*N) or U.S. (G99*U/U1) models yet.
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South Korean devices, G99*N, have now received the BULC update and December Android Security patch...
  • South Korea (KOO)
  • South Korea (SKC)
  • South Korea (LUC)
  • South Korea (KTC)
Good news for those in the U.K. on carrier branded network devices as the following updates have been released for ...
  • Vodafone (VOD)
  • O2 (O2U)
  • Three (H3G)
The U.S.A. is receiving the December Android Security patch with the release of the BULC update to the Verizon carrier locked models, G99*U.
Good news... Singapore S21 devices have now received this BULC update.

The G99*0 Snapdragon models for China, CSC code CHC, are receiving a different update, BUL3, with the December Security patch.

Hopefully, Taiwan, (BRI), and Hong Kong, (TGY), will soon follow.