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$249 Galaxy S4 Black Friday - Good Deal?

Discussion in 'Straight Talk' started by np6s4x, Nov 12, 2014.

  1. np6s4x

    np6s4x Well-Known Member
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    page 35:

    Bay City Walmart Supercenter - Walmart.com

    I noticed that walmart will have the Straight Talk Galaxy S4 for only $249. Considering that's 50% off of the website's $499, it seems quite good. Also does anyone know which network this one runs on?

  2. tube517

    tube517 Android Expert

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  3. np6s4x

    np6s4x Well-Known Member
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    thanks, both would probably work :) just hoping it wouldn't be Verizon.

    this seems to be the matching product:

    straight talk Samsung smartphone - Walmart.com

    which says: STSAS975GP4-3 which would then mean At&t, so gsm basically. Wonder if in the future I could switch to say T-Mobile then?
  4. tube517

    tube517 Android Expert

    If it is GSM (AT&T) you would have to unlock the phone to use it on T-Mobile.
  5. 1stlink

    1stlink Lurker

    Would this be the same to go to any AT&T MVNO, LIKE h20? If so how hard is it to unlock? Legal?
    Sorry, old guy here looking for the right deal for a very light user but wants a S4 at best price possible. :thinking:
  6. kate

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