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25 Dollar Grand Fathered Plan

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jkenn24, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. jkenn24

    jkenn24 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    was anyone else able to active this phone and stay on the 25 dollar plan with no issues? I ask because I got this phone on black friday and activiated it and have been on the 25 dollar plan. However, I am having terrible 3G speed issues since the day i activated the ZTE AWE and Virgin Mobile has been no help troubleshooting. Today however they told me that my phone is not eligible for the grandfathered plan and that is most likely the reason for my slow speeds. They are now saying I need to get on the 35 dollar plan and my speeds should improve.


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  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Extreme Android User

    Does the $25 plan include 3G? It's not the phone, it's the plan that matters.
  3. tnertb

    tnertb Newbie

    sounds like they are feeding you a line of bullshit.
  4. jkenn24

    jkenn24 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I am ready to reactivate my Optimus V. This phone gets 0.13 mb/s at any time during the day regardless of where I am. The V got over 1 mb/s. They have been trying to troubleshoot it for over a month and are completely clueless.

    Its ashame, it seems like a nice phone but the 3G is un useable at that speed.
  5. aml1025

    aml1025 Android Enthusiast

    I upgraded my daughter from an Optimus Elite to an Awe on a $25 plan, and her data is fine, actually better than with the Elite. The plan is obviously not the issue.

    Can you call back and start troubleshooting with a new rep, and NOT mention the $25 plan, but just say that you think your account needs reprovisioning? I've found that they don't often notice details like that unless you point them out. :)
  6. giltheissen

    giltheissen Newbie

    I agree, the service rep was BS'ing you. I'm still on the $25 plan and my data speeds are just as good as my earlier Optimus Elite. I also agree that if you call in for more troubleshooting, do NOT mention the $25 plan. It's a billing glitch and the more times it's brought up, the more likely they are to look into and fix this glitch.
  7. prrep

    prrep Well-Known Member

    I upgraded my sons phone from the optimus v to the awe, And so far I've been able to keep the $25.00 grandfathered plan.And the phone has been incredibly fast all around including 3g speeds.
  8. laszlomdq

    laszlomdq Newbie

    My exact same thoughts, calling and mentioning the $25 plan might raise flags.
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  9. laszlomdq

    laszlomdq Newbie

    This is my same situation, even my son says the phone is blazing fast. For data it does look a little faster when I'm close to an antenna but my reception and 3G speeds were a lot better before they did that so called "upgrade" at the beginning of the year. Before that I had excellent reception and 3G speeds in my house but now I have a lot of dead spots, believe it or not the difference is huge.
  10. garybeck

    garybeck Android Enthusiast

    so if I want to get the ZTE Awe and stay on my $25 plan, what do I do? just go on the virgin website and buy the phone? (I currently have and Optimus V on the $25 plan)
  11. hodaddy

    hodaddy Newbie

    Or buy at Target or radio shack. Just got mine for 39.99 at RS. Just log into your account and activate online. But i am having the same slow 3g issue. I have a ticket open with VM and am trying to get to the bottom of this issue as it seems to effect many users.
  12. roadkill42

    roadkill42 Android Expert

    u can by this phone and activate from this phone what I did and I have good 3g as long as I'm not in the city lol
  13. acmav289

    acmav289 Newbie

    I'm on the $25 plan, so far the 3G has been pretty good. I live in a major sprint area though.

    The only time I have problems is at 12am-2am, for some reason every VM phone I have always has problems at that exact time. I've been with VM for 6.5 years now.

    I was goign to buy it last month when it was $50 on VM's site, but then I found it for $43 on RS.com. Their free shipping took forever though(8 days) I would order it from amazon instead, it's just $5 more.
  14. acmav289

    acmav289 Newbie

  15. hodaddy

    hodaddy Newbie

    Can you share your location? City and state.
  16. araxxis

    araxxis Well-Known Member

    Sorry to bump an old thread but i just bought this phone for my mom and she was able to stay on her grandfathered 40 dollar 1200 min plan (not as good a deal as the 25 dollar one was, but 5 bucks less at least lol).

    I am about 99% sure you can stay on the grandfathered plans if your phone isnt 4g. My plan and my cousins went up when we got new phones, mine being a HTC desire 601 with 4g lte and his a HTC EVO 4g wimax.

    BTW this phone is on sale at radio shack right now for 39.99, we upgraded her from a LG optimus V and she loves it so far.

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