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2nd Beta update for U.S. Snapdragon rolling out

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ironass, Oct 23, 2020.

  1. ironass

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    Just released a few hours ago is the 2nd update for Android 11 and One UI 3.0 Beta firmware.

    Hot on the heels of the first beta test firmware for the U.S. Snapdragon Galaxy S20 models this update appears to closely mirror the recent Global Exynos update, see here.

    The update, G98*U1UEU17TJG has started rolling out to the T-Mobile (USA) carrier variant.

    This article from Android Authority gives more details...

    Second One UI 3.0 beta update rolling out now in USA

    "The most notable changes in the latest beta are as follows:
    • A fix for a bug that prevented a phone from booting if its storage was full
    • A fix for a bug that caused phones to sometimes reboot when receiving a call
    • Various bug fixes related to Dex, including the one that caused problems when changing fonts"

    To receive these Beta updates you will need to have registered for them and be running the first update release.

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    Thank you. I got some colors back on my theme. This update is like the one prior in that it hangs at 85% and I have to hold the power and volume down key to restart the update. It completes just fine the 2nd attempt.
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