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2nd EVO + New Apps = Phun Tyme

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by KAuss, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. KAuss

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    Jun 18, 2010

    Jun 18, 2010
    So I finally got my exchange to fix the light leak onto screen issue and the new phone is looking good... Only thing I'm not fond of so far is the backing which looks a bit off compared to the old phone, however it seals better than the old cause that one was a bit bent... Oh and the volume rocker is a bit off with volume up but man I can soooo live with that...

    Anywho, so far, no light leaks, no headphone issues, no anything outside of the famed 30fps thing which of course is just there...

    Hell, it's HW003 and the screen is just as vibrant as the 002 that just got traded in... So I'm guessing I have the Nova screen... I don't care to find out for sure but I did take a pic between my sister's 002 and my 003... Her phone has a screen protector on it and its less vibrant than the new one. Still I'm partially color blind so there is no fuss here.

    The thing I want to bring up is the fact that I keep breathing new life into this thing via apps. The first one that made the list of awesome is remote desktop client. Yeah it's the $20 program in the market but first day is free lol. Not sure if I have a use for it but the sheer awesomeness of using your computer on your phone is awesome. No you wont be able to run wow over the connection, but it lets you manage downloads, open up docs you would need, operate anything that isn't real time critical basically. Not sure still if I have use for it but it truly is a testament of how far tech has come in a short span of the last 20 years.

    The second one is Gmote free. This thing fills the gap of RDC. You can you this thing as a media remote to play things on your computer or better yet in the new version stream it to your phone!!! That means my sd card just grew to 2.5 terrabytes! The performance over 3g is beyond acceptable, my average rate of transfer per speakeasy is around .5 - 1.0mbps. The wifi performance is amazing. I can see when 4g reaches me I'm going to be in media heaven. 3g is steady at sub 1mbps can stream the file then 3mbps will rock it solid even videos.

    Not only that but half way through this post my wireless keyboard ran out of battery hahah, and I didn't have any aaa left to refill it so I finished this post with the trackpad option in Gmote lol. It is now my temp keyboard. My mouse however is having trouble working under trackpad.

    Nonetheless the new phone is even typing better. I no longer experience lag on this forum like I use to when engaging the evo keyboard. There is still lag but they all register despite the small on screen lag. However it has worked well since the 1.47 update so I won't attribute it all to the new phone. Anywho, time to hunt more apps.



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