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[2nd Gen] 2nd Gen Kindle Fire De-registered and stuck in boot mode

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kwagner51, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. kwagner51

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    I am trying to restore/unbrick my daughter's kindle fire. She loaned it to a neighbor and when she got it back it was no longer registered to her and stuck in boot mode.

    I went to her amazon account and the fire is not listed. She called support and they don't have it listed either. My computer does not list her fire anywhere that I can see. Of course I don't really know where to look.

    Amazon support is no help, although they did sent her the 9w charger free of charge. She can not afford to buy a new kindle so I really need to fix this one if I can. My 3 y/o grandson plays educational games on it and misses his Kindle!!

    I have been reading the forum and went to the Jave SE site to download the Android SDK for Windows 7 64bit but do not know which one to download.

    I also do not know which TWRP to download.

    Where do I get the KFU?

    She bought her Kindle Fire on January 21, 2013

    Is this a hopeless case?



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