Root [2nd Gen] i don gooffed and deleted live wallpapers picker on my kindle fire... help...

Ok so after i did all the typical rooting stuff youd do on the kindle fire i found out you could stop it from changing the backgrounds when you ynlock it so i felt ambitiouse cause i was on a roll and thought id do it So i tried it and i ended up deleting livewallpapers Pickers and now i cant change the wall papers so how do i get it back anyone got any sudgestions id greatly apreciate it

Sorry for the spelling and my stupididty. Im new.


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Welcome to Android Forums, araramuppet. Your question has been moved in the forums to a location where others can better help you. It may also help to confirm your device model. From your post, I assume you have a 2nd generation Kindle Fire, and it is not an HD or HDX model?