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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by androidtp, Sep 23, 2011.

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    I have rooted my Epic before when I first got it. I went back to stock so I can get the stock ec05 Froyo system. I have redownloaded the drivers as well as the one click method.

    I turn off my firewalls and click the "run" option and I get rageinthecage can't be found. make sure you extracted zip archive correctly.

    ??? I've done this before with no problems but now I'm receiving this error constantly?? Any ideas guys?

    *before I went back to stock I was on DL18, then I installed the ec05 modem using odin, then went back to stock ec05 and I'm no longer on DL18. not sure if that means anything.

    edit: I think the error I'm receiving is because of the latest ec05 I put on my phone which was made by Sprint. Could this be the problem and if so, can someone link me to the ec05 that allows root via odin, please?


  2. icecold

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    I don't think the version of EC05 should matter. You may want to try and earlier version of the OneClick, such as CWM, or

    You did extract all 34 (at least in the version I have) files into the same folder, correct?

    But if you want to try a different version of EC05, try looking here...
    SPH-D700-Official Roms - XDA-Developers
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    well what i'm trying to do is flash the SRF rom 1.2. i was initially on dl18 (rooted and couldn't do it. i was watching youtube on it and he said you have to be on ec05 to flash this rom. so i odin back to stock using the latest sprint tar file from may 17th (How to use Odin to unroot back to stock / unroot Samsung Epic 4G - YouTube)

    now i'm tryin to root so i can upgrade to the and flash the rom but i can't even get on my phone cuz it keeps giving me that error. see any errors in my method?
  4. androidtp

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    i figured out the problem with the help of kelmar. thanks ice and kel.

    kelmar said that my original was probably deleted from the system as it's recognized as a virus. i kept re downloading it but was ignoring the notification of allowing it to run or not. anywho..thanks.
  5. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice

    For clarification, the exploit used to root the Epic is technically a virus (though didn't affect windows OS). Chances are that his anti-virus caught it and removed it.

    Glad you got it working!
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