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3 Hours to Root : 7mins To F*ck stuff up... Priceless

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by l3oogie, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. l3oogie

    l3oogie Lurker
    Thread Starter

    So i have gone most of my adulthood without needing/wanting a high powered phone. Needless to say i just got a LG ally from a buddy a couple weeks ago, and recently just got it activated. I noticed the phone was running really slow after i did a hard reset... Still slower than hell. I went onto the market and found a few apps that required root access to run the app. Well thats what consumed about 3 hours of my time last night was trying to learn how to root my phone. I tell ya it was so easy but so hard if you know what i mean. Anyway finally got superuser on my phone and was so excited i finally did it... you know how u feel like you accomplished something huge but you really didnt do anything at all(reminds me of easy xbox achievements) Ok so back to the point. So i was looking around google about how to make phone faster and i read on suggestions about removing factory phone apps that take up space. Im pretty sure you see where this is going. So i went and removed some apps and i guess i removed a app that i was not suppose to. For the record i know i F***** up and i know i should read alot more forums b4 i go removing apps and so on. Trust me i wish i didnt have to learn the leason the hard way but i unfortunaly have to :( Ok so after i rebooted because i put a some new droid pissing on apple screen when it turns on... When i turned phone back on there was a force close on Process com.android.phone has stopped unexpectedly. This message keeps coming up litterly every second. I force close it and it pops right back up and i cant do anything with my phone. Before i explain the problem i understand there is many thread explaing how to fix this problem... trust me i know i have done a little search unfortunatly my problems dont stop here. So when i couldnt get the force close to stop I worked my way to setting in between it popping up EVERY F*ING SECOND and i finally made it to factory reset just to not have enought time in between it popping up EVERY F*ing second. So i rememberd about popping the batter out and doing a hard reset with holding volume,home, and power. So i thought thank god i can finally fix and nightmare would be over... Psh it the perfect world it would, but here is the problem when i started the factory reset im at the screen where you have to push the droid at the welcome to ally screen right before you do the activation process... and that damn Force close is popping up again not allowing me to complete the reset process. I tried for hour last night trying to push that damn android icon with no luck. i wanted to throw my phone at the was so bad. Anyway that is my problem im stuck at this screen not being able to do anything. Just think it took me 3 hours to learn how to Root my phone and only 7 Minutes to F*ck my phone up <----- thats not funny either. Ok so if anyone can help please any advice or maybe a point in the right direction will really help and be much appreciated. Please be simple with any answer im really new at all of this so telling me to flash the rom with a hroot recovery on the Os system of Droid blah, blah, blah wont help me(Pretty good key words i picked up eh? lol) but no anyone that has tutorial about this and can share it would really help me from hanging myself in my neighbors tree. Oh yea i kept finding people on some forums saying to hold down volume+power and it should load some recovery something but mine just loads up to touch the android welcome to ally screen with that dam force close.

    Thanks for any Help,
    This dumb Noob :)

    Phone Info:

    Make: LG
    Model: Ally
    Android Version: 2.2.2

    thats all i remember from the info screen in the setting menu.

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  2. gb4fan

    gb4fan Well-Known Member

    Priceless post! I hope I dont f$ck up my new RAZR like this when I get it next week. Seriously the guys in this forum are awesome and will have you back to root with no problem.
  3. dots

    dots Android Expert

    That was an eyesore to read.
  4. dots

    dots Android Expert

    Based off what i read. You removed apps from /system that should have not been removed. Based off your last sentence on the very long paragraph i assume you rooted with gingerbreak or some form of one click method.

    Also regarding your last sentence. That is stock recovery. It is supposed to do that. If you had flashed a custom recovery and made a backup prior to removing apps your life would've been much easier. :p

    Now in your 3 hours or learning how to root. Did you come across this guide? http://androidforums.com/ally-all-things-root/263285-guide-froyo-2-2-1-root-users-updated-3-3-2011-3-40-pm-est-now-easier-than-ever.html

    If so you should've used that.

    Now since you have stock recovery that is useless and a factory reset wont help. So the only thing i can think of is to do the following. http://androidforums.com/ally-all-things-root/263674-guide-lgnpst-alternate-v6-restore-method-updated-5-24-11-a.html

    That will take you back to 2.1 AND get you fastboot access. Now if you still wanna root. SKIP step 31 and READ step 32 on that guide. (I can't stress that enough, people seem to ignore me when i tell them that.)

    If you follow the STEP 32 link in that guide to the 2.2.1 guide and complete it. Not only will you be back on 2.2 rooted BUT you will also have a custom recovery.
  5. j2cool2012

    j2cool2012 Android Enthusiast

    The app you removed was probably tyhe dialer.apk or a telephony related app. That's why the com.android.phone keeps not respoding. It will pop up every second because that app ALWAYS needs to run. It's what makes the phone, well, a phone.
    Do what dots said, and follow the guides, and it will fix all your issues. The short version is you just need a complete fresh install of a stock ROM that has the app you uninstalled in it. The problem is, without a custom recovery or fastboot, you have no way of doing that. So, follow dots' post, and you will get bot those things.

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