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3 Moments, 5 Batteries, still sux

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SteveVHT, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. SteveVHT

    SteveVHT Member
    Thread Starter

    I have had Sprint for the last 4-5 months. Got a brand new Moment when I signed up w 1.5
    I have since upgraded to 2.1 and changed the battery 2x on that phone due to horrid battery life. 3 Hours max with little to no use and nothing running in the background.
    So Sprint has sent me 2 new Moments in the last 3 weeks and a total of 5 batteries from the Sprint store.
    I am going to have to assume that the battery life on this phone is almost non existent. After getting "fully charged" if I make a single phone call for 1-2 minutes, that drains 1/3 of the battery right away. A few texts and a log onto facebook and I'm down to the tiny red bar and warning.
    I have come to the conclusion that after 3 phones and 5 batteries with very minimal use, this phone or batteries are flawed from the get go.
    So do I tell Sprint I want the Intercept, Evo, Other????
    I love the phone itself and the way it works along with the layout and the slideout keyboard.
    But I am just amazed that they can't make a phone/battery that lasts more than 3 hours. And forget about using more tasking programs like the navigator. I had a full battery, put in my directions, and after a 15 minute drive with navigation, the phone was just about to shut down.
    What would you guys do??????
    Do I demand another phone?
    Is the Intercept any better?
    What are my options before I call and harass sprint again?
    Thanks in advance,

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  2. edp

    edp Android Enthusiast

    download an app called spart parts and check the battery info to see what's running in the background cus even on stock 2.1 i was getting at least 15 hours after heavy use on one charge. when you look at other usage, the running and screen on numbers should be really close to each other. if your running number is much higher than your screen on number, then you have a runaway app or process thats not sleeping and killing your battery. a common culprit is a process called akmd2 which has something to do with the sensor but no one seems to really know. here's a fix some have tried but use at your own risk:
    [FIX] getting rid of the AKMD2 runaway process

    also, doing a factory reset can help. after i flashed to 2.1 from 1.5, i was having major issues until i did a factory reset (it's under settings > privacy >factory reset). this is the first thing i would try.

    there are also many custom roms ( my personal favorite is radioactive froyo 1.6.2) that give you great battery life. i get 24+hours on average with every charge.
    Link on how to install :
    Radioactive FroYo v1.8.11 **9.2 MFLOP** **Moment-Acclaim Hybrid** GPS Workaround

    dl link for version 1.6.2:

    and the final thing i would try is to reflash the phone back to stock. instructions here:
    Sprint Software Downloads - Smartphones - Samsung Moment with Google

    hope you figure something out. g'luck
  3. SteveVHT

    SteveVHT Member
    Thread Starter

    OK, I DL'd that app...
    Screen on-98.7%
    Nothing else on there.....

    Both replacement phones I got were factory 2.1 phones. Would doing a factory reset help in this case?
    The first phone I had all the major problems with was a 1.5 to 2.1 upgrade at the sprint store.

    As far as the Roms....do I have to know what the hell I'm doing...LOL?
    I've never rooted a phone and heard about a lot of problems when people do this.
    Any help would be great, cause I love the phone itself....I just wish it would run longer.
  4. edp

    edp Android Enthusiast

    let your phone sit there a while before checking spare parts again. also, check the cpu usage under battery history. if akmd2 is the problem, it will show up there.

    and even though your phones came with 2.1, it wouldn't hurt to try the factory reset. problem is, you'll lose all of your apps. but sense it might be an app that's causing the problem, might not be a bad idea to start from scratch. but before you do, dl an app call appdragon. this app allows you to make a list of all the apps that you have and allows you to email it to yourself. that way, you have a list of what you had on your phone.

    here are some instructional vids. it's the ones i used to root and add custom recovery. they're pretty easy to follow.


    or this vid is great too:

    YouTube - ‪How to root Samsung Moment, w/ WiFi tether(hotspot) & themes‬‎

    and personally, i haven't experienced any real problems after i rooted.
  5. SoulTerror

    SoulTerror Android Enthusiast

    It's really hit and miss with these phones and the battery. My wife mostly just talks and texts on her phone and has to charge at least once during the day. The use of mine varies, but since I've gotten this last Moment I get great battery life. I unplugged my phone Saturday morning, and come Sunday night when I went to bed I plugged it in for the first time and my phone wasn't even in the yellow yet. That was with moderate use over the whole weekend.

    Before this phone I had to plug it in every night, and even when I was at work where I have crap service, I'd have to plug my phone in after lunch. Today I still have a full battery after lunch. My phone is setup the same exact way, same apps and everything, so it's really a hardware issue with the Moment.
  6. SteveVHT

    SteveVHT Member
    Thread Starter

    OK, I just checked the battery history and akmd2 is at about 50% where as everything else is between 5% to 15%( far to the left on the bars.)
    What do I do to get rid of this????
    I'm such a newb....LOL
  7. SteveVHT

    SteveVHT Member
    Thread Starter

    That page says....
    "To fix: navigate to /system/bin with a root explorer or adb shell and find the file named "AKMD2". Rename this file to "akmd2.old" , Reboot phone. Check Spare Parts after a while to see if the runaway process has ceased. Now you should see something more like this (alot less red):"

    I am mildly re **** ed, so how do I navigate to this to remove it????
  8. dntesinfrno

    dntesinfrno Android Enthusiast

    First of all you would need root access as the /system folder (and all sub-folders inherently) are write-protected. You will need to root access to remount folder as r/w. Once you are rooted you have several options, the easiest being root explorer, $2-3 bucks on the market but makes file management a breeze. A free slightly more complicated method would be download connectbot, a free shell terminal (there are others as well) that would allow you to to do the operations from command line. The last most difficult method involves adb which creates a ssh tunnel and will do the same thing as connectbot except you would be running it from a pc. So get rooted then decide how you want to go about renaming akmd (which method you want to do) and post back here for directions on how to rename akmd.
  9. edp

    edp Android Enthusiast

    un fortunately, i beleive you have to be rooted in order to access the system bin (somebody please correct me if i'm wrong). so if you really want to get rid of akmd2 (although, you really should do it with discretion), you should follow the vids i posted.

    if you don't want to root (and this is what i would really recommend to fix your problem), i would really suggest the factory reset. and though it is a bit annoying to reinstall apps, it's worth it if it will improve your battery life.

    if that doesn't work, reflashing seems to fix many ppl's problems. but this will also wipe your phone.

    and if all else fails, bitch and complain to sprint and make them give you a better phone. haha
  10. SteveVHT

    SteveVHT Member
    Thread Starter

    I'm afraid to attempt to root my phone since I have no clue what I am doing.
    I have a 2.1 factory phone, so is it necessary to flash the phone and reinstall 2.1? The phone is literally 2 days old.
    I am gonna watch the second video and see if I should try it.
    Or am I making a bigger deal out of rooting than it really is?
    I just don't want to have a Samsung Moment paperweight....LOL
  11. SteveVHT

    SteveVHT Member
    Thread Starter

    OK, I will give it a shot at the days end.....
    Just in case something goes wrong, I can go in the morning and get a new phone...LOL
    Just seems like I need to be a computer programmer to root and figure out what "kernal" to use etc.....and WTF is a Kernal....????LOL
    I guess I'm an old fartt
  12. edp

    edp Android Enthusiast

    haha trust me stevevht, it's not as big of a deal as you think it is. watch the vids and you'll realize it's not that hard to do. and if you mess up, you can always flash back to stock on these phones.
  13. SteveVHT

    SteveVHT Member
    Thread Starter

    I will give it a shot tonight....
    Now I've been watching all these live wallpaper videos and I want that too.....LOL
    A few of the videos say that live wallpapers come with 2.1, but I can't find that either.....

    OK, so everyone here suggests I flash the phone, re-install 2.1 to start from scratch, then root the phone like the video....right?

    Thanks everyone for being so responsive with your answers.....
  14. SteveVHT

    SteveVHT Member
    Thread Starter

    OK, one last thing for anyone who can help.
    Which root to go with??
    I see people on some threads saying good and bad about a few.
    Any suggestions?
    Or should I go with the one that's in that video?
  15. dntesinfrno

    dntesinfrno Android Enthusiast

    By root im assuming your talking about a kernel? Or maybe recovery? As far as kernels go which ever one offers the options you want to use and stability are the two deciding factors really. sdx-developers.com is where i get all of my moment related stuff, i've used meatkernel, joeykrims, littlejth's and vampirefo's and they are all solid kernels, i even have my own kernel up... infernal kernel.. that that isn't quite as fast in benchmarks but is rock solid for me. In the case of recoveries forcytos's 3.1.1 is pretty much the 'industry standard'.
  16. edp

    edp Android Enthusiast

    well there are not different types of root. rooting simply means you have access to every part of the phone, even the parts that samsung don't want you to be able to access.

    but you do have different options for kernals and roms and since it's your first time rooting, just stick with the video as much as you can. once you have root and a custom recovery, adding and switching out roms and kernals is really easy.
  17. SteveVHT

    SteveVHT Member
    Thread Starter

    I guess I meant Kernels...LOL
    Yes this is my first time rooting a phone and I want to do it as smooth as possible.
    My main concerns are to have a fully functioning phone without the BS NFL, Youtube, ESPN, CNN, bloat garbage that I'll never use.
    I don't have any use for wifi tethering etc....
    I really want to have the 3d wallpapers too, and try to extend the battery life.
    I'm gonna just follow the videos, then look up all the how to's from there...
    You guys are all really helpful......
    Thanks again
  18. mrmojoz

    mrmojoz Android Enthusiast

    If you want to extend your battery life you'd avoid Live Wallpapers. They don't use a lot of power, but they do use more than a plain image. The Moment will be laggy when using them as well.
  19. SteveVHT

    SteveVHT Member
    Thread Starter

    OK, so I have been trying for days now to update and root the phone. It simply does not work and I am doing everything it says on this site and the radioactive thread....
    Guess I'm stuck with a battery sucking stock OS.
    This sucks
  20. SoulTerror

    SoulTerror Android Enthusiast

  21. SteveVHT

    SteveVHT Member
    Thread Starter

    I know, but the problem I am having is with the updater not seeing the phone at all.
    Right now, when I plug in my USB cable the computer sees the phone and I can mount the SD card etc. But when I run the updater, it simply can not see the phone.
    I understand the procedure on how to flash and root, it's just not possible for some reason.
    I have deleted everything Samsung related in my computer even deep into the registry. Then do fresh installs of the updater etc. Reboot the computer and the phone, still nothing.
    The updater just sits there and tries to detect, but it doesn't see the phone nomatter how many times I unplug the USB cable.
    Just frustrating as hell......
  22. edp

    edp Android Enthusiast

    i had this same issue the first time i flashed my phone with the current sprint updater. but here's the trick that's worked for me.

    deleting all samsung stuff and doing a fresh install of the updater is a great idea. but try restarting your comp before you do so.

    don't know if you already tried this so forgive me if this is stuff you already have tried, but i know that in the vid it has a "warning do not plug in your cable" sign that continues to be there all the way up the screen where it tells you to "hold volume down + camera + end key". but somewhat ignore that sign and after you do press volume down + camera + end key and are still on that screen, go ahead a plug in your cable before clicking next.

    also, after your comp recognizes your phone, it will begin to install the drivers. look at the bottom taskbar of your comp screen and wait till the driver install icon finishes before proceeding. it'll hopefully be easy to recognize cus you'll see a small moving icon that wasn't there before.

    after the drivers are installed and you click next, continue to follow the steps, including removing the battery. when you come to the "hold volume down +camera +end key" screen again, do as you did before and after you hold volume down + camera + end key, plug the cable in before you go to the next screen. then your comp should recognize your phone and you'll be set to go.

    hopefully this works. and if not, there is a whole thread dedicated to this issue on this forum.
  23. SteveVHT

    SteveVHT Member
    Thread Starter

    I am all good now....fully rooted, up and running with live wallpaper and tons of new apps etc....
    Thanks for all your guys help.....
    Now my question is about a custom Kernel.....
    Can I simply copy a custom Kernal to my SD card and install it from recovery?
    I have the following on my phone as of right now:
    Kernel 2.6.29

    Or do I have to re-flash again and start from scratch????
    I don't want to because I just installed a ton of stuff for live wallpaper, AppBrain, ES File Explorer, etc etc etc.....
  24. dannyg40

    dannyg40 Member

    Did it solve your battery life problem ?
  25. Stoney62

    Stoney62 Android Enthusiast

    Don't forget that each time you install a ROM, you will need to go thru a conditioning process i.e. charge your phone fully, run it down till it shuts off, Charge it up again by hooking it up to your computer while the phone is off. Run it till it shuts off again then charge it any way you want. Repeat this proccess every 6 months and anytime you flash a ROM. This doesn't so much condition the battery as it does condition the phone's battery level registers.
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