May 21, 2010
Hey! I'm a newb here and I'm sorry if this has already been asked but basically

I had the toddler lock app running and after exiting it my phones settings are just all scrambled up and I can't figure out how to fix it. The most annoying part about it is having 3 pages instead of 7. I've tried changing the theme of my phone...and I also thought about restoring back to system settings and when I go to settings>security I'm supposed to be able to find "system restore" or something like that, but its non existent. I need help.. its driving me crazy...
It has been switched to vanilla android. You need to clear your defaults for Home in the app manager.

Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Home and clear defaults.

If you hit the home button after that it should give you an option between Home and Sense with a check box to set as the default option. You want to check the box and choose Sense.
Menu, Settings, Applications, Manage Applications. Scroll down until you see "Home". (You can hit "Menu" again, Filter, then select "Running" to reduce the clutter in this list... ) Select "Home", then scroll down and hit "Clear defaults". Now hit the Home button on the phone itself and it will ask you to use "Home" or "HTC Sense". First, check the box at the bottom and then hit "HTC Sense".