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Support 3 questions/problems with the Precedent?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Leelouster, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. Leelouster

    Leelouster Member
    Thread Starter

    Jan 1, 2012
    1. When it says my phone doesn't have enough storage, I delete some stuff then boot my phone (because I just downloaded an app but I moved it to my SD card). But yet I still don't get the text messages? I send myself a text message and I get it, but I never get my friends till hours later...how can I fix this?

    2. I once got a "Memory Full, text messages rejected" or something, and even when I deleted my text messages and stuff ASAP, and the warning went away...I never got the text messages? When it said rejected does that mean even if I clear my memory I won't get them? Or is it because my phone sucks I still haven't gotten anything yet?

    3. My phone screen doesn't want to turn on sometimes, yet the music still plays or whatever, so I have to hold the power off button for 10 seconds, then turn it back off. This keeps happening constantly...anyone know why and how I can fix this?


  2. akashik

    akashik Well-Known Member

    Nov 7, 2011
    Moving stuff to an SD card doesn't mean it moves *everything* off the phone. Without sitting down with your phone it's hard to say what's up, but at a guess I'm going to say you've just filled it up too much - either having too much installed, or having too much running in the background.

    The Precedent is real small on on-board storage and memory so it doesn't take much to bog it down. The stock 'move to SD' is five kinds of hopeless (link2sd is much better).

    If you've rooted your phone then link2sd is a good start. It'll let to clean your davlik-cache as well as your app cache.

    I use GO Launcher and use their Task Manager to process kill (a lot).

    I also use Titanium Backup to remove a lot of the bloatware that comes with the phone (Titanium Backup > Backup/Restore > Select App > Uninstall). It needs root access, and will brick your phone if you remove something you shouldn't.

    *Root access is discussed elsewhere in this forum*

    Your mileage will vary, but my phone runs with around 150 megs of RAM free at idle out of 281 total, has over 1 gig of apps (including junk left over from old uninstalled apps), and another gig of music, books etc sitting on a 4 gig SD card with two partitions. The on-board storage is:

    - Total 161MB - Used: 99.16 - Free 62.02MB

    When I first got this phone I was constantly frustrated with it's limitations when it came to hardware. The storage and RAM problems can be solved, for the most part, with some educated tinkering - like the software mentioned, as well as choosing apps that play well with limited resources. (I just removed Go-Go Goat as it kept running in the background, even if I hadn't played it in days).

    Short version:
    Have at least 30MB of RAM available, some hard drive space, and clean your davlik-cache, and the problem should go away.
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  3. Leelouster

    Leelouster Member
    Thread Starter

    Jan 1, 2012
    Well I have an unrooted phone at the moment :( I have Launcher Pro, Apps 2 SD, Advanced Task Killer Pro, 1 Tap Cleaner Pro, and Speed Boost (it cleans the system,optimizes cache, and can increase CPU speed. Very useful) I have a 2 GB SD card, and 19.10 mb available. I wish I can move bloatware..but I can't lol.

    I want to delete some items that are only on the phone but I need them.
    I have:
    Advanced Task Killer Pro
    BackgroundsPack (for my backgrounds lol)
    Box (saves and stores SMS msgs)
    Photo Vault (stores pics with password)
    Flashlight (for when I'm in the dark lol)
    Gauge Battery Widget (let's me know of my battery percentage on the status bar)
    iHeart Radio
    Invenio Carmen (downloads music and ringtones)
    Launcher Pro
    Launcher Pro Plus Unlocker
    Mupen64 Plus,AE (let's me play Nintendo 64 games)
    Music App (let's me see new popular music that is available. Top 100)
    Music Junk (let's me download music and puts it in my music library so I can play it without having to move anything)
    NetQuin Security (protects me from apps that have viruses since I use Appplanet)
    Power Max (saves my battery BIG time)
    Power Max License Key
    Screen Off and Lock (allows me to hold the search button to lock my phone)
    Speed Boost
    Swiftkey X
    Swipe Pad
    Where's My Droid

    That's basically all I got on my phone storage, besides my text messages, and app apk's from App Planet. I don't have high contact storage like others, or what not. I always uninstall Facebook and market updates so I can have more space, and I always delete my browser data because after awhile, my Facebook bar doesn't appear when I press on it (I don't know why)

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