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3 steps to get longer battery life period.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Manuelitoohno, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. Manuelitoohno

    Manuelitoohno Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Everyone here is saying stuff to preserve battery thats kinda dumb imo. black background? lol the backlight is still on since when do colors on screen drown battery? OH I also herd that turning the phone off when you are not using it is the only way to save your battery. Obviously but whats the point of having a cellphone if its turned off?

    I been playing around with my phone and I've gotten around 8 hours of FULL on use. not 8 hours of standby but 8 hours of say using it to play games for about an hour straight, i also watched "Grown ups" the movie from start to finish), Text like no other, chatting on Gtalk, Played more games, Surf the web, Facebooked lurkn. and out of those 8 hours of full use the phone was Probably in my pocket for an hour if you add up the times i did something else in my 8 hour day like Drive, eat, Talked to people, Watched tv, etc...

    so here are my tips and guide to get you through the day with your phone.

    1. try to use only google apps. If you love sports like i do, scoremobile is good no doubt but google scoreboard! period! if you refuse to join the bandwagon and still keep your YIM or hotmail and use their perspective app's try to foward them to your gmail. If you aim, or MSN, etc.. use Gtalk.

    I come from a blackberry previously and i miss pushed notifications without having a full on app running on the background, and google services seem to push notifications in real time, without having to run on the background hogging cpu usage.

    2. One word. scratch that, ONE APP = "advance task killer" I know, I know everyone's said that allready so you know how to use it. i don't set it to ignore any apps. since all the apps like gtalk, gmail, scoreboard, automatically have push notifications. After playing games, or surfing the web. always click the advance task killer widget for it to close all apps. period.

    3. DO NOT have a live wallpaper! thats a huge NO NO if you want battery,

    there you go, try these. and tell me your results. also also. dimming the screen might be a power saver, but personally i dont do it. since i have it on auto dim. This screen is to gorgeous to be dimmed but the 3 steps i showed you will offset the bright screen trust me.

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  2. viny2cool

    viny2cool Android Enthusiast

    I agree with advice no 1 about using google apps. They are best working apps in my android phone. Google voice, g talk, Gmail...awesome. Even google goggle and google shopper works better than any other barcode app.
  3. sremick

    sremick Android Expert

  4. gcobb

    gcobb Android Enthusiast

    I had more power drain with that task killer than with almost any other. When you understand that some apps HAVE to be open since others require them, you'll understand that they have to be open. You should also consider that because they show running that they're not using CPU time, just not closed. You can close the wrong things and keep other things from running. Most of them restart anyway.

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