Help 3 (UK) and the SGS. A couple of questions...


Hi all,
Does anyone know if 3 are currently shipping the SGS with Froyo 2.2.1? On the website it says it has Eclair:thinking:.

Also, how much bloatware do they put on it?

I picked up my 2nd Galaxy S on three 2 weeks ago. Comes with 2.1 - only takes 5 minutes to upgrade to 2.2 though.

Comes with some crap that you can't remove - tetris and a few other games. Really nasty as they pop up with a buy for 4.99 now button on starting the game.

And of course you can't remove / uninstall them.

I used LaucherPro and just remove the icon from view.

Doesn't come with a Sd card either - found that surprising!



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If you do get one, you can update to 2.2.1 via for free. Gets rid of bloatware too. will require a free signup.