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30 Days Almost Up...Need Advice & Help Please

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by 10-8-enroute, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. 10-8-enroute

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    Hey gang...Hope everybody is doing great on their end of the internet, wherever that maybe...

    My 30 days are almost up on my Droid X, and I have some questions and need some advice on if I should keep the Droid X, or try to find another phone.

    1st: The Droid X is an amazing phone. The web browsing, applications, and hardware are second to none. I have been an avid Blackberry user for years and was so glad to finally step into the new millennium with a phone like the Droid X. I hate to say it but Blackberry needs some serious help with their hardware and basic stuff like internet browsing. I hope they don't fall to the wayside like PALM.

    2nd: There are some shortcomings that I have experienced with the Droid X, that i am wondering if they will be addressed with the anticipated 2.2 Froyo Update. These shortcomings are:

    1: Email - Push: Outside of GMAIL, I haven't been able to get my native email addresses (Work and Personal SBC-Global Email) to push into my phone immediately like they did on the Blackberry's. I have tried K9 email and MailDroid and the unfortunate thing about those 2nd party apps is you lose the form factor of the email program on the Droid X, which is really a great form factor, much better than the BB in my opinion.

    2: Ringer Volume: My understanding is that Motorola has acknowledged the volume issues. In my own experimentation, the speaker that the ringer comes from is on the back of the phone. If the phone is laying on its back, will a software update fix this? I mean if the speaker is laying flat, on a surface, its the same as placing your hand over your mouth. Nothing will come out no matter how hard you scream. So while Motorola says its a software issue, I am wondering if it is a hardware issue, by merely the location of the speaker...Thoughts?

    3: Contacts: This may sound petty so forgive me in advance, but I really miss being able to sort my contacts via (LastName, FirstName)...I have over 650 contacts for work, friends, family, facebook and Twitter. I know there is the search function, but man my contacts are just a mess in my Droid X.

    I have a dozen duplicate phone numbers for multiple contacts and this all comes from the Facebook, Twitter, Backup Assistant, and Google Contacts duplicaton....Will the Froyo Update allow us the basic ability to clean up our contacts list?

    So what I am asking is for any feedback on the three issues I have discussed and if anybody might have recommendations on whether I should keep the phone (Only if the software updates will correct these issues) or if anybody can recommend another Android Phone that will meet the my personal needs.

    I really want to stay with an Android Phone, and don't want to go back to a Blackberry. So maybe another type of Android Phone? Droid 2 or Incredible maybe? Anybody know if these two phones address the above issues? Oh and it needs to be on the Verizon Network...Everybody I know has Verizon, so while I use a ton of minutes ever month My bill stays low.

    Thanks in advance and while I am a newbie here in the Forums if I posted this in the wrong place, MODS please go easy on me and just move it to where it needs to be placed.

    Have a great weekend everybody....

    I am out...!

  2. lilcal70

    lilcal70 Member

    stay with x. you just can't go wrong. the phone is amazing and the droid 2 would be a down grade. idk i love my x and i know its shortcomings will be taken care of in due time with updates. i guess the question you gotta ask your self is what other phone out there is truly better that the x? in my research on the devices there are none that are better in any way. hope this helps have a great day :)
  3. brian0488

    brian0488 Newbie

    I have the Incredible, and it has a few problems of its own too. The camera on the Inc is terrible at night and the audio quality on videos made from the X is better due to the 3 mics (my fianc
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  4. curtisdr

    curtisdr Well-Known Member

    The X and Android are not going to handle your email like a BB. I came from a Pearl, and was sorely disappointed with the email handling.

    Regarding the volume, Moto says they will address it, but just how well they address it is yet to be seen. And, you won't have the fix before your 30 days.

    I'm going to return mine and wait. And next time, I won't be an early adopter.

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